An old enemy of 'Taylor' is back to haunt Jane
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Blindspot - Season 3

Another week, another new case linked to one of Jane’s tattoos. We begin with a robbery in an art gallery filled with work by a famed, mysterious graffiti artist turned media sensation and Jane getting yet another assignment from Oscar. Jane is forced to comply with Oscar’s mission, as she now knows that the group “they” work for will kill Agent Weller if she doesn’t cooperate. She doesn’t do this without voicing her disgust and frustration to Oscar, though, who seems to still be hopelessly in love with her. Seriously, the guy looks like he’s having an ulcer act up every time he has to talk to her. “Taylor” must have some hold on him that he’d a) let her go through with this and b) continue to keep her in the dark (per Taylor’s orders) post-memory swipe.

Adding more drama to the mix, it was Reade’s turn to have a ton of screen time. He wakes up in the driver’s seat of his car after being whacked across the head last week. His attacker is in the backseat with a mask and a voice-changing device that makes him (or her) sound like a poor man’s Batman. The attacker tells Reade that if he doesn’t stop looking into Carter’s disappearance, the people he love will get hurt. Proving he/she isn’t messing around, Reade sees the person has a photo of Sarah and her son. With the threat on the table, Reade is left alone in his car and able to leave.

Reade had texted Mayfair right before he was attacked, and she’s back at the office waiting for him. He tells her that he was wrong and doesn’t have anything to report, and she’s pissed — but believes him (for now). At least Reade has a new case to distract him from what’s happened. An artist who calls himself Zomo has had one of his paintings stolen from a gallery. This wasn’t just any painting — but the painting of an exact image of one of Jane’s tattoos. Zomo never showed his face, not even to his assistant of seven years. He sent her postcards when he needed to communicate; which to me is more creepy than cryptic, but whatever floats your boat.

When the team heads to the gallery, the are greeted with the sass of the assistant, who says it will be impossible for them to meet with him. Jane says that she needs to grab her radio she left in the car, when she really is going to complete the mission Oscar gave her: putting a chip to put into the FBI team’s vehicle. Knowing Weller’s life is at risk, she feels she has no choice but to follow through.

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Back in the gallery, the team notices some things have been shifted, and they find an explosive hidden underneath a sculpture. Jane walks in just as the explosion goes off, and Weller is seriously injured. He’s taken to the hospital, and the team works to find out who did this. They look at the only photograph in Zomo’s entire collection, which is dubbed a “self-portrait” even though there is an “x” across the man’s face, and have Patterson run the scenery in the background to see if it’s anywhere in the city. Per usual, Patterson doesn’t fail and is able to identify a location.

They head to the apartment building overlooking the view in the photo and decide to go in undercover. Reade and Jane approach the apartment door, and through the peephole, Jane sees someone tied to a chair and bleeding out. The dog with them didn’t sniff out a bomb, so they head inside to try and save him. As soon as they walk in, Jane is shot at, but fortunately she’s wearing a bulletproof vest. Reade makes sure that Jane is okay before heading down to try and catch the sniper. There is a ton of FBI backup that show up, and the shooter must have seen this coming because when Jane runs outside, she runs into the shooter — who’s dressed in full FBI gear. They both look at each other, and Jane remembers him. She sees herself, the shooter, Oscar, and others all around a fire enjoying each other as friends. As the memory fades, the man starts shooting at Jane.

NEXT: Jane takes a gamble and goes to her ex-fiancé for help.

Jane is able to hide behind a car, and the man takes off. She realizes that she truly is the target in this case, and she makes the decision to remove her radio and go into hiding in order to keep her team safe until she figures everything out. Weller wouldn’t be hurt if it weren’t for her. The team finds her radio and assumes the same. Jane meets Oscar in their regular meeting spot and informs him of what’s happened and he has no choice but to tell her that the man is most likely Cade, a former member of their group. “Taylor” made the choice to kick him out after a series of questionable moves, and now he’s out to kill her. Oscar says they must team up to kill him and that neither she or the FBI team are safe until they do.

While Jane and Oscar gear up, the rest of the team interrogates Zomo’s assistant back at the office. She was trying to board a plane out of the country, which makes her extremely suspicious. She ends up spilling the beans, but it’s not what we expect: SHE is Zomo. Yes, he is really a she, and the man that was killed was her boyfriend. They came up with this “Zomo” experiment while they were in college at Columbia together and were trying to see “how far [they] could take it.” The girl is devastated, and we see Patterson getting affected by the girl’s breakdown. We still miss David!

The “real Zomo” tells the team that she received a message from someone that threatened to expose Zomo’s identity if she didn’t meet them in the park. Her boyfriend went instead, and it as Cade who sent the message (unbeknownst to the FBI). He said that Zomo needed to paint a certain sketch, or he would unleash the truth. The sketch, of course, was of one of Jane’s tattoos.

Jane and Oscar go to visit another person from Jane’s earlier memory, a man named Danny. Danny and Oscar are clearly close, and when Danny goes in for a hug with “Taylor,” she quickly backs away. Danny remembers that she has no memory of him but is still friendly. The three have natural, fun banter as Danny prepares a getaway car and weapons for them, but things go south when they try to leave. Cade is waiting outside of the garage and shoots at them, killing Danny. Jane shoots back, but Cade escapes. As Danny’s dying, he keeps repeating how sorry he is to Jane and that he “owed” her one and they were “now even.” Jane looks heartbroken, and Oscar looks even worse. Oscar can barely get himself together as the police sirens get closer, but Jane snaps him into action. They take the car and quickly work on a plan to ditch it so they don’t get caught.

Back at the FBI HQ, Patterson figures out from the explosive shrapnel where “Cade” may be. Weller, Zapata, and Reade head to a shipyard, where they find Cade, who’s nursing a flesh wound from Jane shooting back at him. (Of course, they don’t know his name or connection to Jane.) A shootout ensues, and Cade leads the gang into a trap and locks them in a room.

Oscar gets an alert about this from his beeper, and Jane demands he check in and tell her what’s going on. He calls the “Joey’s Pizza” dude, who tells him about Weller and Co. Unsurprisingly, Jane goes against Oscar’s wishes and leaves him to go save her friends. When she arrives at the shipyard, she tries to free them, but Cade is lurking behind her with a gun to her head. She escapes him, and he chases her to the ship deck.

They aren’t alone up there; Jane is surprised to see Oscar has followed her. He shoots Cade in the stomach, and before she can do anything, they hear Weller, Zapata, and Reade approaching. (They were able to fashion a gas bomb to blow the door open to escape, because duh.) Oscar thinks quickly and runs toward an even more injured Cade and takes them both into the water. Weller and Co. don’t see this, and Jane tells them that she shot him (meaning Cade) in the stomach and he fell overboard.

My only problem here is that the team didn’t do a full search for the body after she stated this claim. Even if they didn’t find the body, they would still continue investigating, right? Instead, Jane is given a warning by Mayfair for disappearing and going dark. Weller is also pissed but tells her he would have done the same thing. Mayfair asks Reade again if he thinks Jane is completely innocent of hiding anything, to which he says yes to protect Sarah. How long can this go on? Things are getting a little too messy for Jane to keep living the life of a double-agent.

Knowing she’s now in the clear at work, she heads to another meeting spot in hopes of finding Oscar there. She’s clearly happy to see him waiting for her, and she almost hugs him. He couldn’t be more thrilled that she’s happy he’s okay, but Jane quickly moves on and asks him about “Marcos.” Cade’s last words to her indicated that he clearly wanted revenge on her and Oscar for this person, and Oscar confirms it. He also confirms that Cade is dead, leaving them both happy they can go back to getting away with secret missions.

Only Cade ISN’T dead and somehow emerged from the ocean unscathed. Seriously, why didn’t anyone do a body check? Oscar, I would have expected more from you.

Questions and Notables:

  • Reade broke up with Sarah! Now Reade knows why Weller didn’t want him to date his sister. Anyone Reade loves will be in danger — he’s destined to live a life of brooding like Weller.
  • Weller left the hospital after having his jugular repaired because he couldn’t stay put knowing Jane was in danger. This guy would do anything to protect Jane — and so would Oscar. I have a feeling it won’t be long before these two meet.
  • We’re getting more and more insight into “Taylor” and why she did this. How long will it be before we find out her endgame?

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