Jane gets caught in crossfire, forcing her to choose a side
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Blindspot - Season 3

Things are getting intense at the NYO. A mole was (and still technically is) planted in the FBI, Weller is not liking his co-worker hooking up with his sister, Zapata just found out her entire apartment is bugged, and Taylor has dumped her ex-fiancé (again). We begin with the arraignment of a woman named Olivia, the Russian spy our gang caught in the midseason finale last fall. She and her lawyer are speaking with a judge when Olivia drops a bomb that she knows a name of a Russian intelligence source planted in the FBI. Her lawyer takes her out of the office and asks her why she hid this and if she truly has a name. Olivia assures her lawyer that she has the name, with the hopes that it will buy her freedom.

Her lawyer says something in Russian, then grabs Olivia and starts bashing her head into a toilet, killing her. A police officer hears this from outside of the restroom, comes in, and is forced to kill the lawyer. This scene set the tone for the entire episode — intense, gripping, and full of surprises.

At the NYO, Patterson is working out her frustrations in the office’s gym, still trying to find a way to work through the loss of David. The show isn’t moving on from the death of David, and that’s a good thing. Patterson isn’t the quirky, tech-sidekick on the show that many times is typecast into being comic relief. Her character’s depth is something relatable, and it’s going to take some time before she can move past the loss of her boyfriend and the guilt she carries from that.

Weller walks into Bethany’s office as she gets the call about Olivia and her lawyer, and she tells Weller that he must discreetly investigate who the mole could be — keeping it from his own team. Weller does so, but with reservation. The entire episode is layered with the characters dealing with trust issues and the feeling of betrayal. What side will they choose?

Sloane, an FBI counterintelligence agent, shows up after hearing about Olivia, and she tells Weller that she knows about the possible mole. She has an informant that may be able to help, but she stresses that she isn’t ready to use all of her leverage just yet. Adding more to the mix, Jonas Fisher shows up, eager to begin investigating and ultimately take Bethany’s job. He puts a kibosh on a discreet investigation and immediately starts interrogating the team.

He interviews our entire gang: Zapata, Reade, Weller, Mayfair, Patterson, Jane, even the psychiatrist. Is it bad I don’t remember his name? He pops up for a few minutes (or seconds) every other episode, and I’m still trying to figure out his significance. He helps us figure out what Jane is going through, but I’d like for him to play a bigger part. After the way this episode ended, though, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of him. More to come there.

Jane has flashbacks triggered from her investigation, one of which being horrific. We see her shooting what looks like a priest in a church in the back of the head, and she’s startled by this memory. After the rest of the interrogations, Reade decides to tell Weller about Sarah. Not only are they on lockdown while their homes are being ripped apart, Weller can’t escape the bomb that Reade’s dropped on him. Putting it to the side (for now), Weller focuses on getting Sloane to bring her informant in. He uses Ali to secretly get the informant inside, while Jane, Zapata, and Mayfair are all taken to the next round of interrogation.

Fisher’s team found a bug in Zapata’s home, only it wasn’t the bug given to her from Carter; it was one planted in her apartment to keep an eye on her. She ends up confessing to Fisher that Carter approached her about spying on Jane, but she refused to cooperate. Fisher uses the fact that the CIA wanted Jane in their custody and Jane’s gaping alibi from the night Carter went missing to build a case against her as the mole. Weller gets impatient and continues to force Sloane’s informant — a driver for the Russian mob — to identify who the real mole is.

When Fisher states he’s going to bring Jane in, Weller informs him that they have an informant in the building working to ID the actual mole. Fisher immediately goes to the informant and asks that Patterson bring up Jane’s photo. He identifies her right away, and Fisher leaves the NYO, taking Jane with him.

NEXT: Weller doesn’t give up on Jane

Weller knows Jane is innocent (er, well at least of being the Russian mole) and pushes his team to stand behind him. They can’t deny that there are major gaps in her story, especially from the night that Carter went missing. Weller starts aggressively questioning Sloane’s informant, threatening him if he doesn’t reveal the true mole. Weller starts to put the pieces together of Fisher’s timeline, and he sees that they don’t quite add up.

Olivia was killed at 8:06 a.m., and Fisher barged in the NYO at 9:00 a.m., claiming he took a train from Newark. There’s no way that Fisher would be able to receive the call about the kill, plus get from Newark to the NYO within that timeframe. There was also some connection about Turkish coffee that the informant confirmed to seal the deal (I figured that obnoxious reference had to be addressed at some point), and Weller and Co. sprint to get Jane.

As Fisher and two guards are taking Jane to a holding cell, Weller, Zapata, and Reade show up yelling about how Fisher is the actual mole. Fisher begins to run, and Jane takes out her two guards (because, duh) and chases Fisher down. She catches up with him, and he knows he’s caught. He reaches for his gun, and Jane is forced to shoot, killing him.

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Weller is frustrated Fisher isn’t alive, but he knows that Jane didn’t have another choice. Or did she? Jane is trained well enough with a gun to aim and shoot at someone without killing them. Was she simply defending herself, or did she subconsciously know she had to take him out?

Back at the NYO, Weller informs Jane that the Russian mob is being arrested, and she has nothing further to worry about. He invites her out to decompress from the day, and while Jane wants to, she knows she can’t. On his way out, Weller asks Reade if things with his sister are serious, to which Reade confirms yes. Weller blatantly tells him to end things with his sister and walks out. Back at the apartment, Weller tells Sarah what he did, and she’s understandably furious. Weller has a meltdown about how hard his job is and that he couldn’t stand her losing someone so close to her, as Reade’s life hangs in the balance every day just like his. Sarah looks hurt, but she knows that Weller’s pain is beyond her relationship with Reade.

Back at Zapata’s apartment — which is still a mess from being inspected earlier — she amuses herself by talking to whomever still might be bugging her, challenging them to call her. Her phone rings, and we’re left wondering whether it’s a coincidence or the CIA accepting her challenge.

Jane meets Oscar at their meeting spot, and she vents to him about what she went through that day. She’s angry at him for leaving her in the dark, scared about who she is and whom she should trust. He’s painfully worried at the events of the day but has instant relief when she reveals she was forced to kill Fisher. He starts diving into her next “mission”, but she’s too angry to listen. She’s angry that she’s lying to Weller after he put himself on the line for her and that she’s having secret meetings with the mysterious Oscar, the ex-fiancé. She tells Oscar she’s done, and she walks away with him yelling “Taylor” in the background.

Questions and other notables:

  • Carter couldn’t have been working solo on his quest for Jane’s custody — who from the CIA will corner Zapata next?
  • How bad will the reveal be once Weller finds out about Oscar, Orion, and Jane’s involvement? Or, will Jane choose her side and tell Weller everything?
  • In the beginning of the episode Oscar tells Jane that Orion, “is why they’re all here… The operation went sideways…and she went off the grid for a while.” I’m getting anxious as to what Orion is, and if “Taylor” and Oscar are for or against it.
  • When will the tooth business come into play again?
  • Despite Jane’s innocence in this specific case, Reade still has some questions about Jane and where she was the night Carter went missing. Mayfair is on the same page, and the two are going to work together to figure out the missing pieces. I can’t blame Reade for going to Mayfair about it, but what does this mean for Jane?

Tell me your predictions in the comments below!

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