Is Jane the real big bad?

By Liz Prugh
March 01, 2016 at 04:38 AM EST
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Blindspot is back! And luckily for us, the show returned with an action-packed episode, complete with Jane landing a commercial airplane. Believable? No, but that’s not why we watch this show.

We pick up right where we left off for the winter hiatus with Jane and her (ex?) fiancé and a dead Carter next to them. Jane was being tortured by Carter when Oscar (the mystery-man hottie with the tree tattoo) ran in and shot Carter to save her. Oscar showed her a video of herself rocking some fierce Lady Sif hair, saying how she did this to herself, that Oscar can be trusted, and that everything is going according to plan. Jane is shocked by this revelation, and when Oscar unties her, she attacks him and grabs his gun. She tells him that she remembers him and that they may have been engaged. Oscar seems surprised but uses this as an opportunity to get the “new Jane” to trust him.

Jane wants answers immediately, but Oscar says they have to follow “her” plan — he even mentions a “playbook.” If she meets him at a certain rooftop, he’ll tell her who she is. One step at a time, he will unravel what she’s really doing here. Jane has no choice but to oblige, and we see a montage of a knocked-out Jane lying on a table, being tattooed by a team of people while Oscar overlooks with a worried look on his face. So even if he isn’t her former fiancé, he must have truly cared for her … right?

At least we know she was knocked out when her entire body was tattooed. As much of a badass that she is, it’d be more believable that she could land a commercial airplane than stay conscious through a full-body tattoo session. I could barely make it through the college-mistake on my left hip.

More drama ensues, this time at the FBI office. Bethany first starts her day finding out that Carter is presumed dead, and his death appears to be a suicide. She tells this to Natasha, who was on her way to deliver her resignation. She crumples up her letter once she hears of Carter’s death, but I have a feeling this isn’t the last time Carter’s blackmailing will haunt her.

Before Natasha can dive into what may have happened to Carter, the team gets a case from one of Jane’s tattoos. Patterson notices that a number sequence on Jane contains the numbers of pi, with a few numbers missing. She takes the missing numbers and the team puts together that they are latitude and longitude locations. Bethany sends the team to the location, which is in Turkey, to find out more.

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Adding more to Bethany’s pile, she is approached by an unwelcomed colleague who is investigating Patterson for David’s death. The man’s name is Jonas Fisher (played by John Hodgman), who’s a chief inspector with the FBI, and Bethany claims he’s out for her job. He immediately begins interrogating Patterson for removing classified information, taking pleasure in making her squirm.

Meanwhile, the team lands in Turkey with a Turkish escort and begin to investigate the coordinates’ location. They find themselves at a massive warehouse, with something they never expected inside: a commercial airplane. What makes this airplane significant is that it’s the same airplane that disappeared months prior while on a flight from Istanbul to New York City. Luggage is still on the plane; it’s as if the passengers have disappeared. Before the team can call in an update, they are greeted outside the plane by a group with guns, yelling and accusing them of being FBI.

Their Turkish escort tries to explain that they are just surveying the area, but one of the men shoots him in the head. Weller decides to admit they are FBI, hoping this keeps them alive for the time being. The group’s leader starts torturing them to get more information before finally leading them to the barracks, where the team finds the rest of the passengers from the flight.

NEXT: All of this for 3D-printed microsatellites?

Natasha puts together that their kidnappers most likely are terrorists they have come across before, and one of the passengers fills in the rest of the blanks. The passenger, a woman named Susan Albright, is an aerospace engineer who was on her way home from a tech conference where she and her team presented on microsatellites with technology so advanced that assembly requires as little as a 3D-printer.

The group of terrorists want to use this technology to disable the U.S. military’s GPS satellites, leaving the U.S. blind to any possible attacks. Weller puts a plan together to get a battery so they can try and contact the FBI for backup while Jane stays with the passengers. Jane asks Susan why she would help the terrorists. Susan says after her husband was killed for trying to contact help, she couldn’t risk the rest of the passengers’ lives; she would do anything to possibly ensure their safety. Jane understands Susan’s dilemma, as she is currently battling with the same internal conflict.

The cases of the week are great that way: They don’t serve as a distraction from Jane figuring out who she is and what she stands for — they are a part of her self-discovery. One has to wonder if pre-memory-swipe-Jane anticipated the internal struggles of this mystery-mission or the deep friendships she’s forged with the FBI team. Or, is getting this close a part of the master plan after all?

Anyway, Reade and one of the fellow passengers, an NYC police officer, are able to secure the missing part they need to call outside. Natasha sends a message in morse code to Patterson before the terrorists take the entire FBI team to a different room, where they’re tied up. But of course, Jane escapes her twist-tie handcuffs and saves the day: They secure the rest of the passengers’ safety then rush to the landing strip to try and stop the plane from taking off with Susan.

Weller and Jane are able to get inside the plane before it lifts off (I’m not even sure if Mission-Impossible-III-Tom-Cruise could pull that off) and take down the men inside. They are locked out of the cockpit, and Susan informs them that they cannot stop the rocket from launching the microsatellites at 60,000 feet unless they get inside. Weller figures out that turning on the transponder will allow air traffic control to see them, and coupled with the morse-code message Natasha sent earlier, Bethany picks up their signal.

Bethany pulls Patterson out of her interrogation with Jonas, stating that her suspension can wait. Jonas oversees Patterson direct Weller and Jane through halting the plane’s engines and breaking into the cockpit; they have to bring it down before it reaches 60,000 feet. She also instructs Jane on how to land the plane on the runway, which, naturally, she does successfully.

After saving the U.S. (again), Jane decides to ask Bethany to have her security detail removed. Bethany agrees, so long as she stays in the safe house. Weller seems happy about this and asks Jane to meet him later that night to talk about their kiss. Jane instead takes Oscar up on his offer and meets him at the meeting place he provided, where he informs her that she is indeed Taylor Shaw.


  • Oscar told Jane that they need to learn to trust each other again, and from there more of Jane/Taylor’s “playbook” will unfold. Do I sense a love triangle?
  • We know for sure now that Jane working with Weller is intentional — he’s directly connected to her past. Is “Taylor” vengeful toward Weller, or is she using him to get to someone else?
  • With Patterson’s suspension lifted (for now), what threat does Jonas pose? Is he there to help further Patterson’s character development, or will he serve as an even bigger threat to Bethany? Blindspot’s EP Martin Gero hints we haven’t seen the last of him.
  • If this is all Jane/Taylor’s plan, could she possibly be their leader? Is the group she works with related to Orion?
  • Can we give Reade more of a purpose? We had one good episode where he and Jane were great on-screen together. More of this please.

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