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December 29, 2017 at 06:00 PM EST

Carrie and Jack agree to have her consciousness transferred into his brain. Unfortunately, this means her physical body is gone for good. The procedure is a success. Carrie is now in Jack’s head, able to see what he sees, feel what he feels. But the good times won’t last. The couple constantly argue, so they go back to Haynes for advice. He offers to give “more control” to Jack. These new controls will allow him to place Carrie on pause. It doesn’t take long for him to use the new function when she complains about him checking out other women. He’s also not thrilled with the lack of privacy for his own pleasure time. “It’s like trying to jerk off in front of a cop whose also your mom,” he yells. That doesn’t sound ideal. When he does finally unpause her, it only seems like moments for her, but it’s been months.

The decision is made to basically turn Carrie into a divorced dad and just give her weekend privileges. But even that is short lived once another woman comes into Jack’s life. With Emily quickly growing tired of this unorthodox situation, she and Jack go to see Haynes, who brings up the option of deletion. “That would be killing her,” argues Jack. The mad scientist does have another option: a stuffed monkey. Originally put into beta testing for terminally ill parents, Haynes suggests they move Carrie’s consciousness into the toy.

Carrie’s completely unaware of the change until she wakes up when she’s unwrapped by her son. Similar to her coma intercom, she’s provided with two response buttons. One says, “Monkey loves you,” and the other goes, “Monkey needs a hug.” As Carrie freaks out and keeps repeating the latter phrase, Emily threatens to get rid of her. Over time, the young boy also gets tired of the monkey. Haynes reveals that the monkey itself is the crime since the transfer process was made illegal, leading to him being fired from the hospital. Oh, and even sadder, Carrie’s still in there. “Monkey needs a hug,” says the toy to Nish.

The heat continues to take its toll on Rolo, but he won’t let that stop him from unveiling the museum’s main attraction: a hologram of Clayton Lee (Babs Olusanmokun), the man convicted of killing a weather girl. Updates on the case had appeared in the background of both previous stories. “He looks so real,” opines Nish, who seems affected by seeing this broken version of a human. “Well, it is him…or a fully conscious upload of him,” reveals Haynes.

He then gives the background of how Lee landed here. After his firing from the hospital, Haynes was trying to find a way to make money off the transfer of consciousnesses. And when his plan to use celebrities didn’t work out, he came up with the idea of recruiting high-profile killers. Upon meeting with Lee, Haynes offered to give the man’s family a cut of the profits in exchange for the rights to his post-death consciousness. It’s clear that Lee’s case isn’t unfamiliar to Nish,

Lee would eventually get the electric chair, only to be “born again” at the museum as a hologram. Haynes’ plans didn’t just call for Lee to be put there for show, but through the the Dawson project, he was able to recreate the pain felt by the electric chair. So when customers flocked to the museum, they’d each get to the pull the lever and have Lee electrocuted, as well as get a souvenir snapshot copy of Lee’s mind constantly experiencing the pain.

Haynes has told all of these stories with sheer delight, but he’s really into this one. His manicial laugh soon turns into choking, with Nish not doing anything to help him. “You’re missing parts of the story, Mr. Haynes,” she says, dropping her British accent. “Why is that?” Nish fills in some of the parts that he conveniently left out, such as Lee’s wife organizing protests, which didn’t free him, but killed the museum’s business. When his wife finally came to see him, he was a shell of himself, the result of Haynes’ extending the length of the shocks. “God knows if he even recognized her,” shares Nish. “God knows if he even recognizes me.” She puts her hand on the glass and he temporarily does the same. “Dad,” she says. “Happy birthday.” Nish reveals that she hacked the air conditioning and poisoned the water. She also puts the Dawson helmet on Haynes’ head, promising, “Don’t worry, we’re going to see you on the other side.” He dies.

But he soon wakes up in Lee’s virtual head, just like Carrie was in Jack’s. Nish has taken the limit off of the chair in hopes of setting her dad free and forever torturing Haynes. She pulls the lever, getting herself a little souvenir too, with this one featuring Haynes. Nish heads back to her car with the stuffed monkey in tow. Looking at the rear-view mirror, which now holds her souvenir, she asks “How did I do, mom?” This leads to the final twist reveal of Nish’s mom, who we learn overdosed after seeing her husband and has had her consciousness transferred into her daughter’s head. Nish drives off as the museum becomes engulfed in flames.

What did you think? Which was your favorite individual story? How many of the episode references did you catch?

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