After two episodes of setting up the new status quo in Freeland, Agent Odell’s master plan is starting to become clear. We can now see how the ASA chief is manipulating different chess pieces in order to get what he wants.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t complications, of course. A new virus has spread amongst the metas held in ASA captivity, something Henderson realizes when he goes to visit his recently-detained sergeant. Odell wants Lynn to figure out what the deal is. Both she and Jefferson are getting increasingly grumpy with their ASA captivity, but Lynn gets to work once Odell reminds her the virus could pose a threat to their daughters.

And hey, now that we’re three whole episodes into a Black Lightning season, isn’t it time we actually saw Black Lightning again? Odell has just the solution. He brings Jefferson a new watch. The superhero isn’t initially impressed, but then Odell tells Jefferson to run some volts through it. As soon as he does, a new Black Lightning costume materializes around him. Odell tells him that this is the real reason for Jefferson’s extended stay with the ASA: So they can develop technology that will make all metas’ lives better. But we know that’s probably only a half-truth at best.

Black Lightning
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It’s hard to know who to root for in the struggle between Odell and Tobias. It is kind of satisfying to see the albino supervillain taken down a peg, but Odell is rubbing salt in the wounds now. With Tobias still refusing to answer any questions about the briefcase, Odell turns to torture. Tobias is already not doing so hot thanks to his withdrawal from his longevity serum. On top of that, Odell starts blasting him with UV light. So far, Tobias holds firm.

For my money, Odell’s most malicious action in this episode is his recruitment of Jennifer for a mission. He tells her Khalil’s mother was killed by the Markovians, instead of the fact that she was really killed by the newly brainwashed Khalil on Odell’s own orders. This acts as sufficient motivation for Jennifer to undertake a mission for him – without her parents’ approval, of course. Jennifer’s love for Khalil’s mom and her desperation to prove herself motivate her into doing it. The cool scene of her flying above the woods and destroying a Markovian facility with fireballs proves once again that Jennifer might be one of the most powerful characters on the show. Once that’s done, Odell sends Khalil himself to clean up a house full of Markovian operatives.

Meanwhile, the other Pierce sister is having a more personal time this episode. Anissa finally reunites with Grace, and tells her that the shapeshifting doesn’t prevent their love. With Grace back in the picture, Anissa cuts things off with Jamillah Olsen, and the reporter seems to take it well.

Jefferson has his own mission. He goes to rescue some ASA commandos that have been taken captive by Markovians — and with his new suit, he blows the Markovians away and completes the mission with flying colors. As a reward, he finally gets released from ASA custody and gets to go home. Unfortunately for him, all the women in his life are hilariously too busy with their own things to spend time catching up or welcoming him back.

But though Tobias is being tortured and imprisoned by Odell, he still thinks of Black Lightning as his main enemy. Trapped in the Pit, aging and starving and burned, he has a nightmare vision of Black Lightning and swears to kill the superhero as soon as he has a chance.

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