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Jennifer and Khalil run away from home, and everyone from Black Lightning to Tobias is on their tail

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December 05, 2018 at 05:51 PM EST

This season has been broken up into several mini-arcs, and the latest one has just kicked off with Khalil and Jennifer on the run. Their first stop is at one of Khalil’s old Tobias-approved haunts, and it immediately goes sideways. He picks up some cash but has to fight through a room full of armed thugs to make his getaway. He wouldn’t have made it out at all if it weren’t for Jennifer, who generates a pulsating ball of yellow lightning that blinds the gangsters and knocks one of them off a roof. Clearly, these kids have some lessons to learn about life on the road.

It’s a five-alarm fire at the Pierce home, especially once Anissa tells her parents that Jennifer likely ran off with Khalil. Jefferson immediately hits the streets as Black Lightning and even attacks a random car just because a young man and woman who look vaguely like the two runaways are behind the wheel. He’s not the only one getting into mix-ups. Henderson tells every Freeland cop to carry a picture of Jennifer in their cars until they find her. Soon he gets a report of a body that matches the missing girl’s description, but it turns out to be someone else.

Jennifer’s powers continue to prove valuable as a runaway. When Khalil’s training with the One Hundred fails to help him hotwire a car, Jennifer’s powers take care of it for them. She says she wants to call her parents quickly to let them know she’s okay, but Khalil vehemently refuses. He gets angrier and angrier until he finally snaps at her. He thinks that any such call would only help Tobias catch their trail, and Khalil is downright terrified of Tobias. It reminds me a bit of how the Hulk refuses to transform after getting his butt kicked by Thanos in Infinity War. After losing so convincingly to Tobias in their fight, on top of the belittling and manipulation, Khalil is scared of ever being in the same room as him again.

He and Jennifer find a safe hiding place with his aunt, but Jennifer doesn’t let him get away with yelling at her. “If you snap at me again, Tobias is the last person you’ll need to worry about.” And she’s been using her powers enough recently to prove it. He agrees and lets her call her parents. As grateful as Jefferson and Anissa are to hear that Jennifer’s alive, they’re not satisfied with the brief call and are still desperate to find her.

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