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March 06, 2018 at 10:59 PM EST
We gave it an A-

The only thing that remains to clean up this mess is to deliver the message to Tobias. Gambi is happy to do so, putting on a black duster and shooting Toledo twice in the chest while Run the Jewels plays in the background. Listen, when Run the Jewels comes on, anyone could get hyped enough to cause some damage. To add insult to injury, Gambi leaves a little golden box of albino ashes on Toledo’s lifeless chest. Unfortunately, that may have been a bit too much.

As Gambi and Eve admitted to each other earlier, Freeland is a delicate ecosystem; it’s hard to tell how affecting one part could ripple out to all the rest. They thought they were fixing things, but instead things spiral out of control.

Toledo was Black Lightning’s only lead to Tobias, which is probably another reason Gambi killed him. But Henderson’s good old-fashioned detective work connects Toledo to the new jazz club opening in Freeland; it doesn’t take much for him and Black Lightning to realize the club must belong to Tobias. After thinking back once more to watching Tobias kill his father, Jefferson doesn’t hold back. He storms the club and immediately blasts Tobias in the chest with a full-frontal lightning blast. He’s able to take out most of Tobias’ henchmen, but unfortunately the big guy gets away. Instead of killing him, Jefferson accidentally deflects bullets into Tobias’ sister, who ends up as the battle’s main casualty. She was pretty freaking evil herself so I wouldn’t shed many tears for her, but it clearly tears Jefferson up just as much as Gambi warned him it would.

Tobias isn’t the only target that night, however. At the same time that he was being attacked by Black Lightning, his own men attack Lady Eve at her funeral parlor. Although Eve demonstrates the fighting skills that made her Freeland’s top crime boss by taking out two assailants, she’s caught off guard by a third hitman hiding in a coffin. He blasts her with a weapon based on Black Lightning’s powers and literally fries her face off. Boom, roasted. Now was I right about the Kylo/Snoke comparison or what? I love this kind of twist because it does away with the abstract Big Bad and makes the villain we’re much more engaged with the center of attention.

That’s not even all! This episode still has one last twist, and it’s the return of LaLa! The gangster we thought was choked to death by Tobias instead bursts back to life in a hotel room, and even has a vision of Lawanda (the woman he murdered) asking him if he believes in the resurrection before dissolving into a tattoo on his chest. I hope this means he’s somehow the Tattooed Man, one of my favorite obscure DC villains.

So that was a lot to take in! We’ll have to wait for next week to really digest all this, but I really love how this show just keeps upping the ante. Can’t wait to see where we go from here.

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