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January 23, 2018 at 10:00 PM EST
We gave it an A-

News of LaWanda’s death is the last straw for Jefferson. Lynn or no Lynn, he decides that it’s time to show the city of Freeland that Black Lightning really is back, for good. After all, LaWanda is a former student of his; he thought he was protecting his students as their principal, but she died and it was Black Lightning, not Principal Pierce, who could’ve saved her. He refuses to let it happen again.

Back in the suit, Black Lightning proceeds to storm LaLa’s building in an amazing action sequence. I especially love the way it kicks off (with the doorman going, “Black Lightning, my man” and directing him to the gangster’s penthouse) because it illustrates the unique flavor of Freeland, much like the video testimony of the convenience store owner did last week. This show also has a knack for music cues; Billy Paul’s “Am I Black Enough For You?” provides an epic soundtrack to this battle sequence. I love how versatile his powers are, ranging from lightning-powered punches to electric blasts that can move people around. It’s a shame that this show debuted after the release of Injustice 2, because now I want nothing more than to play Black Lightning in a fighting game.

Anyway, after beating the daylights out of LaLa, Black Lightning absconds as the police arrive. Luckily, thanks to LaWanda’s phone, the police have everything they need to put LaLa away. But as they say: Live by the sword, die by the sword. That night, Tobias arrives at LaLa’s cell, thanks to some friendly cops (who helpfully open the station doors for the One Hundred boss and lead him to LaLa). Black Lightning’s oldest enemy then strangles his erstwhile subordinate to death. This episode alone racked up quite a body count, but I’m most interested to see how Jefferson’s dynamic with the police evolves now that he’s fully back as Black Lightning and we the audience know people in the department are on Tobias’ side.

I also want to see more of Anissa; this episode showed her with her girlfriend, and using her powers once more at episode’s end to thwart a convenience store robbery, but so far she’s mostly been the passive subject of events unfolding around her. I can’t wait to see what this show becomes once she comes into her own as Thunder.

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