After Thursday's edition of ''Big Brother,'' EW's TV writers and editors engage in an e-mail debate over Jessica's eviction and who's going to win

By Lynette Rice
Updated September 07, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT
Cliff Lipson

”Big Brother” special: EW’s TV experts weigh in

Now that Big Brother is nearing its (not so?) thrilling conclusion, EW’s Big Brother Think Tank (more accurately known as the TV department’s Slacker Seven) spent a good chunk of Friday in an e-mail discussion about Jessica’s surprise eviction, Zach’s winning head of household, and whether he or Jameka can beat the Donatos in the final two. Here’s what they said:

Dalton Ross What’s up with Julie Chen wearing glitter spray all over her chest?

Lynette Rice I think the aerosol button got stuck or something. It’s under her eyes even.

Henry Goldblatt But first….Did anyone else feel bad for Jessica? She transformed herself from helium-voiced booyah-tch to helium-voiced heroine. Based on merit, it should have been her and Daniele in the finals.

Jeff Jensen Zach won HOH again. He’s basically one move away from winning this damn thing. Because if he wins HOH again and cuts Daniele loose so he can go up against Evil Dick in the final, I have to think he’ll win.

Kristen Baldwin He’ll have to get rid of Jameka first — or someone will because she can compete for HOH now, right? I’d bet that if she and Dick were in the final two, the jury would give it to Dick because he actually played the game.

Rice I don’t agree at all. I think Jameka could totally take Dick because he’s so damn unlikable. I think Zach could take him, too. Daniele could be a tougher opponent, but the jury may focus on how hateful the Donatos are. That’s my hope. If Dani or Dick wins, my appendix will spontaneously explode.

Baldwin But Jameka never won anything!!

Josh Wolk Hmmm. If it was Dick and Jameka, the jury would be Dustin, Amber, Daniele, Eric, Jessica, Jen, and Zach. Dick clearly played a better game, but there are always some people who can’t see past dickiness toward pure strategy. And Dick really made it easy for people to want to vote against him emotionally. I figure Dustin, Amber, and Jen would never give him a vote. Although Jen is a question mark. Daniele and Zach would go for Dick — although he’d have no right voting against Jameka because she had no game. That leaves Eric and Jessica. I think Eric would vote for Dick, but Jessica’s a question mark, and possibly the swing vote.

Rice I def think Jessica felt screwed over by the Donatos, so she’d support Jameka.

Jensen Jameka would certainly win against Dick, but does anyone really think she’s a slam dunk against Daniele or Zach? Sure, she’ll get the ”she needs the money more” sympathy vote. But she’ll get zero points for game play. She has no business being in the final two; the rest of the house took it for granted that they’d get to her later but never took advantage of the opportunity. They’ll blame themselves but won’t credit her for it. I can’t see any scenario by which Evil Dick would win. Take the loathsomeness out of the equation: Don’t you think that the perception of Evil Dick is that Daniele was the brains in their partnership? The knock against Zach will be that he is a dork and was a floater, but if he wins one more HOH, the latter charge won’t stick, because the new take on him would be that he won when he needed to. I might go a step farther and say he may be playing a pretty perfect game. He floated to the end, alienating no one, then won when he needed to, and his nominations were pretty much safe, logical choices that didn’t smack of betrayal or vindictiveness.

Ken Tucker I agree with Jeff that Daniele would defeat Jameka, and that Daniele is the brains behind her father…but that’s because we see her talking in the diary room: I wonder whether Dick’s constant talk of strategy and Daniele’s apparent quietness about the same with anyone other than her father gave the impression to the rest of the house that Dick was equal to Daniele in strategizing. And Zach could win; he’s not hated, and he’s an in-the-home-stretch strong competitor and thus fresh in the jury’s minds as someone they may come to think they underestimated and should therefore reward.

Jensen Ken: Good point on D&D; hard to know how the house reads them. Josh: I think ”annoying Zach” was more an early-season entity. But I think the HGs who have been going into the jury house the past couple weeks are seeing the player side of him really emerge.

Goldblatt I’ll go one step further: Could Zach be (inadvertently) playing the most strategic, intelligent game in BB history? (I’m not counting the bunny suit, of course.)

Baldwin All I know is, once again, there’s no one left to root for.

Ross I’m rooting for Zach, just because I predicted his victory a month ago and want to be able to say, ”Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah! Told you so! Told you so!” That said, he is still a complete moron. As am I.

Rice You’re not a moron, Dalton. But come to think of it, you never did appreciate Janelle and Marcellas, so…

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