The Bomb Squad gets detonated (for real this time) as Brittany keeps forgetting the game she's playing.

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This week, slow and steady won the race for Head of Household. Like, really slow. After Devin’s expected eviction, the houseguests were randomly paired to pass a dozen colored eggs through chicken wire into placeholders; the competition took so long to finish live on Thursday that it continued tonight. Not surprisingly, it was still just as boring. It was hard to tell how long the competition actually lasted, but after about 1,000 drops by Victoria and the same amount of eggcelent puns, Cody and Frankie beat Zach and Amber to be named the next HOHs. Maybe some of that coaching from Derrick on the sidelines helped a little bit.

It’s been a Big Bromance summer so far, evident from the original Bomb Squad alliance and the really passionate and lingering celebratory hug between Cody, Frankie, and Caleb after the competition. However, Caleb has found love in other places with Amber; and even though he doesn’t have a set target yet, Cody continues to keep his eye on the love-struck cowboy. But Devin officially detonated the Bomb Squad, right? Right. Well, no. Well—yes, but not really. As Derrick explains, the Bomb Squad is over but the members will still work together in what pretty much looks like an alliance. Brittany is smart enough to see through all of this and immediately worries that she will be put up for eviction again and cries to Donny about how uncomfortable she gets with each new HOH. Did Brittany not read the rules before signing up cause that’s just how this game works. She also is sick of everyone lying and backstabbing one another. Maybe someone should remind her what reality show she’s on.

Frankie got a little nervous that he might have a problem keeping his sister’s identity a secret as HOH this week (see what I did there?). But even though his sister “Ari” sent him a letter, no one made the connection. And there’s no way someone like Donny would even know who Ariana Grande is (unless he mowed the lawn at her high school), so Frankie should worry less.

With Devin out and Caleb and Amber’s complicated romantic situation, the remaining members of the original Bomb Squad (Zach, Cody, Frankie, Derrick, and Christine) figured out that having a five member alliance is better than eight. But of course, a new name would need to be selected. The “Let’s Not F— This Up” squad didn’t quite work (and can you imagine the hashtag?), but The Detonators was the big winner. Clever. And once again Christine has found herself in another alliance pretty much by default just by being in the right room at the right time. Nicole is gonna be sooooo mad when she finds out she wasn’t asked to be in The Detonators though, gosh darnit.

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Time in the Big Brother house can get very isolating, so it’s good to see people like Cody still thinking about the wonders of the outside world like Zac Efron. Though he claims not to be comfortable making out with someone else on TV, Cody sure is comfortable professing his full on man crush for Efron, a “baller on all sorts of levels.” Even though you weren’t wondering, Cody’s favorite Efron’s flicks seem to be 17 Again and The Lucky Ones, though the houseguest didn’t like them enough to remember the names. And it seemed Donny had Zac Efron and Zachary Quinto confused, or at least eyebrows are the only distinguishable part of a person’s face for him.

The Team America task for the week was for Frankie, Derrick, and Donny to get a physical threat put on the block. This seemed as if it wouldn’t be a problem since Frankie was already one of the HOHs, but it kind of complicated things when Frankie realized he was pretty much aligned with all of the physical threats in the game already. Well, if you’re sexist at least. Derrick and Frankie kept part of their original plan to nominate Amber, claiming that she was the biggest female physical threat in the house. Further sensing her doom’s day, Brittany claimed that Cody would probably nominate her because she wasn’t like the other girls in the house who seem to adore him. Telling this to Frankie was pointless cause he obviously went straight to Cody with this information because THIS IS BIG BROTHER AND THAT’S WHAT YOU DO. Don’t hate Cody the player, hate the game that you don’t know how to play!

Things just were not going Brittany’s way this week at all really. Because there were no Have-Nots this week, new bedding arrangements needed to be made but no one wanted to bunk with high-maintenance Victoria, especially Brittany since she was the one who told the camera that Victoria is high maintenance. After a little argument, Brittany wanted to clear things up with Victoria about the bedding situation, which really meant she wanted to make crystal clear to Victoria that no one wanted to share a bed with her for petty reasons. Frankie was also crystal clear with Amber when he flat out told her he was probably going to nominate her, trying to get as little blood on his hands as possible.

When it was time for the nominations, Cody nominated Victoria and Brittany and Frankie stayed true to his word and nominated Amber and Jacosta, who wasn’t surprised to be up again. And even though she anticipated it, Amber was frustrated about being used as a pawn in the guys’ game and reached out to Christine about getting the two of them together with Nicole for girl power. And yet again, Christine is served up another alliance on a plate. Hope she can keep track of all those hashtags!

The Battle of the Block presented a medieval chess game as the girls’ club of nominees had to move around the board like a knight (in an L-shape) without stepping on the same piece twice. Though it would be easier to actually know how to play chess to win, it definitely wasn’t necessary. Being able to count however was more important and unfortunately seemed to get in Victoria’s way as Jacosta and (mostly) Amber won the battle and dethroned Frankie. As HOH, Cody seems confident in his current placing but still may use his power to blindside Caleb, especially if Victoria or Brittany win the power of veto. Until Wednesday…

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