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“Looks like we’re Gr8ful strong for one more week,” Jack says at the top of Sunday night’s Big Brother. And all across America people groan and throw things at their TV. The alliance of 8 + Sam is making things a bit too predictable. Like for instance how Michie cast a hinky vote for Jessica. We all knew that meant the house would blame Nicole, and guess what? They do!

Well, they do until Michie goes full “Are you bitches conspiring against me?” Every chance he gets, he talks about how much he thinks Nicole cast the vote and how suspicious she is acting. But Nick and Bella aren’t as dumb as you think — they immediately pick up on the fact that Michie is basically campaigning for Nicole as the Jessica vote.

Nick says he’s not ready to put up Nicole, and he tells her as much. His real target is Cliff. Why? No one knows. Cliff should not be anyone’s target right now; he is harmless. But it’s probably hard to see that when you’re in an alliance of a million and don’t have many other options.

After a brief Bella-Kemi fight, it’s time for our third and final Whacktivity competition. Analyse, Nick, Jessica, and Christie walk out to the Panic Competition to find a giant vat of Madagascar hissing cockroaches. They have to move the roaches around to see images underneath and figure out the secret message. Then they have to find the right letters to spell out the message. A donut, steak, and a diamond translate to “Don’t meet Julie on eviction night.”

First up is Analyse. She isn’t quite sure how to spell “night” and then it really goes downhill when she has to spell “Julie.” Jessica will barely touch the cockroaches. Nick has a hard time finding the letters on the board. But Christie seems pretty with it — and she is. She wins it. Not because the other three were terrible, though; it’s because she manifested it.

So what does she win for her all that energy she expelled manifesting? The Panic Power will send everyone into a panic during a Veto Meeting. She has the chance to turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto, which would allow the veto holder to remove someone from the chopping block AND they get to name the replacement nominee. It can only be used once during the next four veto meetings.

She goes and tells Tommy about her win and what it means — but she can’t finish explaining before Jack comes in. He decides to take this opportunity to tell these two about his competition power. Christie keeps hers a secret from them, though. For now. It seems like no one can keep a secret in this house.

Kemi decides to tell Nicole what she thinks about the major alliance of the household (she nailed Gr8ful minus Tommy and Christie). She also tells her what Bella told her about Christie overhearing Cliff’s plans. It’s a very long game of telephone at this point. The highlight for Nicole is that the house knows about her Zing alliance with Cliff and Ovi. Nicole goes to Cliff and tells him about it. “That’s a major screwup on my part,” Cliff says. YA THINK!?

Trying to be a team player, Cliff tells HOH Nick that he doesn’t want to be a pawn, but he would be if Nick needs him to be. Cliff says he’d love to work with him and Bella. And a reminder: Nick is looking to get Cliff out — or is he…

As Nick and Bella chat with Sam, they come to the realization that the group of nine won’t last much longer. “Why are we heading toward the doom and doing nothing about it?” Sam says as everyone at home empathically agrees. He also points out that they’re at the bottom of this giant group.

Then Nicole approaches Nick and Bella about something she knows. Before the HOH, Michie talked to her in the storage room about how the two sides of the house need to take out “the head of a snake,” a.k.a. Nick and Bella.

Nick takes in all this info, about how we could make a big bold move as HOH, and then does absolutely nothing with it. He puts Cliff and Jess on the block. He says that it’s too hard to make a risky move with Camp Comeback still in play (which is fair) and how he doesn’t have enough proof yet (which isn’t). He says he’s very eager to backdoor either Jack or Jackson if he finds out enough data, so hopefully the therapist can be a little bit better at reading people in the next couple days.

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