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“Mistrust and betrayals are running rampant in the Big Brother house,” Julie Chen says at the top of Thursday night’s eviction episode. But you sure wouldn’t know it from the clip package that precedes the eviction.

After learning about the “Fellowship of the ZING” alliance of Ovi, Cliff, and Nicole, we are then given a CBS primetime appropriate walkthrough of the relationships in the house. Bella and Nick paint their nails and snuggle. “Nothing’s going on, Mom,” Bella says to the camera — as if live feeds aren’t a thing people can watch 24/7. Jack and Analyse do handstands and celebrate Jack’s birthday…in bed.

Meanwhile, Cliff spends some quality time alone with the camera. He gets up earlier than the other houseguests and sits in the boat room to talk to his family and his feeder fans. During his chat, he reveals what he sees going on in the house and what he plans to do about it. Christie overhears and runs back to tell Gr8ful everything. She thinks they need to get Cliff out next.

But he’s safe at least for another week because it’s Jessica and Kemi on the block. Kemi does her best to use her knowledge of Bella’s loose lips to keep herself in the house. She talks to Michie about how she knew of his final three with her and Jack — because Bella herself revealed it. Michie runs to his no. 2 Jack and tells all; Jack isn’t so sure they can trust Kemi, but Michie points out there’s no other way Kemi would have this intel.

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“This game just turned upside down,” Michie says. And the edit sure tries to make it seem that way. Bella decides to tell Sam about Gr8ful. She explains that he’s not in it the alliance because they formed it on “Day…earlier.” Her reasoning for informing him is that he’ll eventually figure it out, so she should be the one to tell him so he’s loyal to her. I think the real reason is the girl couldn’t keep a secret if her life — or half a million dollars — depended on it.

But even if she hadn’t told him, Sam would have learned when Jack accidentally mentions it. You know your alliance is too big when you can’t even remember who is in it! He tries to cover up his “Gr8ful” slip by saying “the grouping of the nine,” as if that’s a thing anyone has ever talked about.

But edit be damned, when Kemi makes her final speech, it’s pretty clear where the votes are going. She throws her former friend and her flame under the bus for playing both sides of the house: “Whoever wins Head of Household — if it’s not Bella or Nick, I’ll see you guys at Camp Comeback.”

I thought the fact that evicted members would stay in the house might prevent a fiery speech like that while Comeback was in play, but I’m so glad I was wrong. Only Michie votes for Jessica (likely trying to throw blame to Nicole), and Kemi joins David and Ovi upstairs.

The houseguests immediately begin the HoH competition: They have to throw an arrow underhanded at a bullseye. Whoever gets the highest score after everyone takes a shot, wins. There are also a couple of targets at the top: one for $5,000 and one for safety. Each can only be hit once. If the arrow bounces off, the score is zero. Analyse kicks off the comp with 50, Christie pushes her out with 65, and Nick tops that with 90.

What will a Nick HoH look like? Stay tuned.

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