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A lot of Big Brother fans have been waiting and wondering about what would happen in Wednesday night’s episode. Would CBS show the earthquake? The answer is YES! Yes, they did.

The houseguests experience the California earthquake, but despite many of them having lived in the Golden State previously, no one knows what to do. But they survive to live another day in this incredibly tense house. Kemi and Jess are on the block and, as David points out, there’s a very clear large alliance ruling the roost with “The Big 2” at the head but no one else seems to realize that.

Case in point: Upset that she’s on the block, Jessica vents to MICHIE about being on the block. And when she pulls out the Houseguest’s Choice chip for veto nominations, she selects MICHIE to play for her. You know, Michie? The guy who is literally best friends with Jack, the guy who put Jessica on the block? I think Jessica is a nice person, but if you are that clueless about where people’s alliances are in the house, maybe you deserve to be voted out?

But you also can’t blame Jessica for being emotional…she has just had her faith in women shaken. She learns from Nicole (who heard it straight from the horse’s mouth) that Isabella is the one who ratted out the all-women Black Widow’s alliance to Jack. Isabella tells Nicole this, but says she did it to protect the two of them. Isabella is either a very good liar or actually believes this to be true. Jury’s still out.

In addition to Jack, Kemi, Jessica, and Michie, Sam and Isabella are playing for veto. (Big Brother season 20 player Tyler is back to host.) The competition is similar to one we’ve seen many times: They have to stack frogs on a platform as high as they can without letting their aqua-clocks run out. After many falls across the board, Sam is able to stack 18 frogs. He still has time to add more water but decides to lock in. Kemi has 17 frogs — she’s within range of beating Sam, but when she tries to add another, the right side collapses. Sam wins veto, and Jack is ecstatic that they have someone to do Gr8ful’s bidding.

But Sam says he’s ready to shake up the house…if needed. Kemi and Jessica (and even Kat who isn’t on the block) make their pitches to him. However, after finding out that his grandfather died, veto is the furthest thing from Sam’s mind. The house rallies around him with support and allows him to grieve.

In the end, though, this is still a game. Sam makes the bold move to do nothing. “I don’t want to create ripples in this Big Brother pool,” he says.

Which is very unfortunate because from what I can see (and read on Twitter), there are a few people peeing in this pool and making it uncomfortable for everyone to swim there. With Camp Comeback in play, no matter if Jess or Kemi gets voted out, they will still be around to make some waves. And I don’t know about you, BB fans, but I’m ready for someone to push this game into the deep end.

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