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We are near to the finish line, Big Brother fans. As Nicole put it last episode, this is how season 21 ends: with her alongside a showmance. She’s staying positive despite her No. 2 Cliff getting sent out of the house and doing her best to get into Michie and Holly’s heads. There’s about a .02 percent chance they’ll take her to final two, but it never hurts to try, right?

Michie, meanwhile, is trying to get into Nicole’s head and make her think that none of the jury would vote for him because he pissed them all off. Which MAY be true, but I still wouldn’t take him to final two. And neither would Nicole. She nods along to his face but sees right through what he’s trying to do.

Then Nicole turns around and does the same thing to Holly. She tells her that she understands she probably wants to take her BF to final two, but she should do what’s best for her game — not her relationship. And, to her credit, Holly agrees. She points out that Jess even said as she was leaving that if Michie was in final two, he’d get her vote. But does that mean that Holly would take Nicole? Not a chance. (Probably.)

For much of the episode, we’re treated to a clip show. The producers are packaging up key moments from each of the three finalist’s games to show us why they each should win.

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Michie: Everything was great during Gr8ful, he and Jack were buddies, and then it all blew up when he tried to tell Jack that Holly and Kat knew each other. He made a showmance and masterfully manipulated people and won tons of comps on his way to the top. From a straight game perspective, Michie is a great player. I keep telling myself that, and yet I’m still not able to get myself on board with a Michie win. And I have a feeling I’m not alone in that. And I also have a feeling the jury might feel that way as well.

Nicole: She came in wanting to view the BB house as a classroom, with all the houseguests as unique students. She assessed and adapted weekly, with a heavy focus on her social game. After forming a final two with Cliff early on, all her other alliances kept leaving the house. In the end, the downfall of Michie became a boon for her. She started to show her comp strengths when she won double eviction HOH and a key veto. Of course, her dedication to Cliff, Holly, and Michie led to a few bad decisions in her own game, but I’m willing to look past that. And, honestly, I think the jury will, too. (Maybe I just really want the jury to think like me…)

Holly: Our Wyoming girl says she started out wanting to be in an alliance with bigger targets, which is what led her to originally pair up with Michie and everyone else. But because she knew Kat, she kept that side duo as well. Of course, once Michie blew that up, it put both of them at risk. She did win HOH twice, right around the time Michie did the same, which she spun as her and Michie being a good team. And it may be true, but because Michie is such an aggressive player, it appears that she’s playing in his shadow. She did last 83 days without being on the block, though, and she has a lot of friends in the jury. But do friends = votes? Time will tell.

After Kaycee, JC, and Tyler walk us through their thoughts and predictions (nothing earth-shattering) and after a diary room compilation, we finally get to the first part of the three-part game.

In Raiders of the BB Relics, the three houseguests have to cross the rope bridge and jump across rotating pillars to get to the other side, where they will complete a standing puzzle. This will open a chest, where they will take 25 gold coins and transfer them back to their starting place — one at a time. Whoever wins this goes straight to part three.

Michie is the first one to the other side, but puzzles haven’t always been his strength. Nicole, the puzzle person, says this one is hard — and she ends up being the last to complete it. Then it’s just a race to the finish to see who can get 25 coins across. It’s pretty clear from the beginning who will win this. And he does. Michie goes straight to part three, which is live on Wednesday night.

I would say it’s clear who will win then, too, but you know what Julie says: Expect the unexpected!

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