Can the Texan see Michie's plan and save himself from eviction?

By Kyle Fowle
September 19, 2019 at 10:31 PM EDT

The previous episode of Big Brother was a crucial one. Whoever won the veto would hold all the power, and that means a lot at this stage in the game. In the end, it was Michie once again pulling out a win, securing a spot in the Final Three for him and Holly. There’s nothing surprising about that… unless you’re Cliff. Cliff seemed to think Michie would take him to the Final Three and vote out Holly instead. He seemed to think that after telling Michie he wouldn’t take him to the Final Two and would take Nicole instead, that Michie would still follow through on his promise (which was a lie anyway) to do the same for Cliff.

In other words, Cliff had quite the evening, thinking he was safe after Michie won the veto. Which brings us to tonight’s eviction episode. It should be predictable, with Cliff going home and Michie and Holly taking full control of the game, with Nicole’s chances at winning coming down to the next and final H.O.H. competition. But the predictable, in this case, is fun because there’s the added layer of wondering whether Cliff will wise up to Michie’s plan, and if he can even do anything about it.

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The episode begins with Michie actually being honest and telling Nicole that he’s voting Cliff out. What’s hilarious is that he seems surprised by Nicole’s reaction. She’s upset, and she knows that this outcome is largely her fault. She trusted Cliff’s gut, decided to vote out Tommy instead of Holly, and now everything she assumed was going to happen is happening. She tells Cliff, and of course he’s oh so shocked. Cliffy boy, you are not good at seeing ahead in this game.

Anyway, before we get to more of that, we check in with what’s been happening in the Jury House, and my God, there is so much drama. Let’s lay out a few highlights:

  • Kat despises Michie. She thinks he’s playing a dirty game, and while everyone in the house is talking about him being the GOAT, she says there’s more to winning this game than winning comps.
  • Everyone recognizes that not sending Cliff home could be a mistake. As of now that’s not the case, but a few weeks ago that made a lot of sense.
  • Nick and Kat are an item, and everyone thinks it’s hilarious because Kat hated him. When Nick is asked by a producer if he’s still thinking about Bella, he just stares into the distance. Oh boy.
  • Nick’s face when he sees Christie come through the door. Happy that she’s gone, but not so happy that he has to live with her.
  • Nick and Christie spend a lot of time blowing up at one another. There’s no reconciling that relationship.
  • Christie and Tommy tell the Jury House their secret, and then Tommy lays out how Michie lied to get him out. That might change the way some jurors think about his game.
  • There seems to be some growing respect for Nicole’s game and how she’s had a hand in many evictions in the last few weeks.

All right, back to the live show. Cliff decides he’s not going to take all this lying down and goes straight to confronting Michie. He tells him that he never expected him to go back on his word. He also, rightly, says that he was the one who fought to keep Holly around and instead vote out Tommy, keeping the agreed upon Final Four intact, and now Michie is acting like Cliff wasn’t loyal. He says that if Michie votes him out, he won’t vote for him in any Final Two, and that he’ll be more than happy to tell the Jury House about Michie’s actions. It’s the kind of Cliff I wish we’d seen more of.

Of course, Michie is pissed. He thinks everybody owes him everything. He thinks that any lie or betrayal on his end is necessary and “forced” on him, while any lies or betrayals from the others are an affront to his perfect game. He’s so incredibly self-centered. Even at the veto ceremony he talks about having no choice but to play this dirty game, how it’s everyone else’s fault that he’s doing this, even though everything worked out the way he wanted and Tommy still went home.

So Michie uses the veto on himself, and then, as the only vote, he promptly votes out Cliff, like everyone except Cliff and Nicole saw coming. That leaves Michie and Holly in the power position. Now we wait for Sunday’s season-clinching H.O.H. competition.

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