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All that matters this week on Big Brother is the veto. The eviction nominations don’t make much of a difference, because this game is coming down to whether Cliff and Nicole or Michie and Holly win the veto and send one of the others packing. Holly is kicking herself because she knows how important all of this is, but for some reason, she agreed to throw the HOH and the veto comp just to stay on good terms with Cliff and Nicole. Holly is rightly upset about not being able to compete, but I also find it hilarious that she made a deal and is now mad about it, which is the same thing she chastised Christie for just a few weeks ago.

Before we get to the veto comp, we have to get through two things. The first is an incredible amount of really stupid gameplay from Cliff. I truly don’t know what he’s doing. He comes up with this plan to tell Holly that she doesn’t have to throw the veto comp, but that if she wins, she has to take Cliff to Final Three and vote out Michie. Nicole and Cliff’s belief in Michie and Holly voting each other out is baffling. As if that wasn’t enough, Cliff then sits down with Michie and tells him that the Final Two deal they agreed on wasn’t “reciprocal.” Meaning, Cliff is still taking Nicole, and he just wants to be honest about it before the finale. WHY, CLIFF? There’s no reason to tell Michie that! Just make your deal and then go back on it! I can’t believe Cliff doesn’t understand that Michie is going to do exactly the same thing with Holly.

The second thing is a Luxury Comp where the winner gets $10,000. All they have to do is run around the house, count all the things that have been changed, and then submit that correct answer faster than anybody else. Ovi shows up, baking cookies, as one of the things that’s changed. It ends up being a fun, very close competition, with Michie, Holly, and Cliff all guessing 17, and Nicole guessing 16. But Michie and Nicole entered their answers first, so one of them will win. The answer is revealed: 18. Michie was the closest and the fastest, so he pockets $10,000, and tries to keep it cool so that he doesn’t anger everyone else.

That brings us to the veto comp, where the houseguests have to operate a giant slingshot and knock down the faces of past house guests that don’t apply with a given statement. For example, when they receive the statement “was never H.O.H.” they must knock down all the faces of competitors who were H.O.H. It’s a difficult competition; tough to hit the targets, tough to remember what happened throughout the season, and tough to have the stamina to keep going.

Cliff doesn’t even come close, clocking in at 38 minutes. Holly comes in third at 17. That means it’s down to Nicole and Michie, with Holly and Cliff’s lives in the house hanging in the balance. By a three minute difference, Michie pulls out the win, because he’s an absolute machine. Seriously, I don’t like the guy, but he’s owning this game, and Cliff and Nicole basically handed him the win after voting Tommy out instead of Holly.

That means Michie will take himself off the block, Cliff will be put up, and Cliff will go home. Which brings us to more Cliff idiocy. He really seems to think Michie is going to keep his word about voting Holly out and taking Cliff and Nicole to Final Three. He is in no way worried that he’s going home at the next eviction ceremony. PAY ATTENTION, CLIFF!

Nicole can sense it’s going to happen, but she’s trying not to think about it too much. I can’t even begin to dissect how Cliff and Nicole managed to play themselves into this situation, voting out Tommy and then tricking themselves into thinking that one of the Showmance people would turn on the other. I’m beyond words. Bring on the eviction.

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