Will this be the last day in the house for one half of the power couple?
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After Michie won yet another H.O.H. competition, things were looking good for the house’s power couple. Holly and Michie have been dominating for weeks, and by putting Cliff and Tommy on the block, Michie had all but assured safe passage to a Final Four. But the veto hung in the balance, and when Nicole won, the wheels started turning in her head. Obviously she was going to save Cliff, and that meant Holly automatically had to fill the other spot on the block. Less automatic is the initial plan to send Tommy home. Nicole winning veto suddenly opened her eyes; she realized this might be the only opportunity to send one of Holly and Michie home and put something substantial on her résumé.

As Nicole says at the top of the episode, “even saying it out loud, I know what the smarter option is.” She knows that Holly should be the target, but she can’t do anything without Cliff. They are the only two votes, so they need to be on the same page, otherwise it’s a tie and Michie gets the tiebreaking vote. It’s a genuinely tough call. If they vote Tommy out, they’re loyal to their original Final Four. If they vote Holly out, they can potentially get Tommy on their side and target Michie next.

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That would be huge. Tommy knows that and comes to Nicole and Cliff with that very idea. He says that if he stays in the game, he’s very clear on who the next target will be, and he offers to throw the H.O.H. competition, the one Michie can’t compete in, so that Cliff or Nicole can win. Tommy also knows that his relationship with Christie could be used against him, so he opens up about it to Cliff and Nicole. He had to do it, but it does make him a more dangerous player to take further in the game. Being able to hide that for so long is absolutely a red flag.

Anyways, after Michie points out to Cliff and Nicole that Christie could easily campaign for Tommy in the Jury house — she’s certainly good at that — he decides to sneak around and secretly listen to Tommy while he’s pitching Nicole and Cliff again. Then, in a very smart but nasty move, he uses that information against him. He lies to Cliff and Nicole, saying that Tommy is playing both sides, offering to throw the H.O.H. so that he can just side with Michie later on. Julie Chen teases a big blowup confrontation between Tommy and Michie, spurred on by Nicole wanting to hold a house meeting to figure out who’s telling the truth, but we only get so much of that at the very end of the episode. We’ll get more on Sunday.

But, that brings us to the eviction ceremony, and it turns out that Michie’s smart, dirty play works. Whatever was said in that huge confrontation, it was enough to convince Cliff and Nicole that they couldn’t trust Tommy. It really seems like they were leaning towards voting Holly out until Michie concocted this massive lie. That was enough to plant some doubt into their heads and send Tommy packing.

It’s a sad day, I respect Michie’s gameplay to an extent because this is a game and lying is absolutely part of it, but I also thought Tommy had done a good job of showing his value to Cliff and Nicole. It sucks to see him go that way, and it’s especially hard to watch him in the small clip of the fight at the end of the episodes, in tears because he knows Michie’s making everything up and sabotaging his game. Tommy, in his interview, admits that revealing his relationship with Christie might have hurt him too, but he also knows that Michie was the final nail in the coffin.

That brings us to the start of an endurance competition where everyone must hold on to a rope while getting hit with objects and water. This is a must-win for Nicole and Cliff, otherwise, it’s Michie and Holly’s game from here on out.

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