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Julie Chen says expect the unexpected. And while that often comes in the form of twists and Battle Backs and whatnot, sometimes it can also come from not thinking a predictable season could go differently, and then you see a sliver of hope…

Tonight’s episode starts with Tommy having a heart-to-heart with Holly. He says he’s going to try his hardest to win veto, and she lies through her teeth by saying she’s rooting for him, that she’s always been rooting for him… but she doesn’t quite understand why he stuck with Christie. And then she just goes off.

“I think she also might be a sociopath,” Holly says, and she just keeps going. You can see the wheels turning in Tommy’s head about what he should do while she trash talks his friend a mile a minute.

Michie joins the convo and agrees with Holly. He says Tommy was right about Nick, but he was wrong about Christie. Tommy clearly is conflicted about what to do, so he finally just spits it out: “I want to tell you guys something… I knew Christie before coming to this house,” he explains through tears. He tells them that he had no choice but to be loyal to someone he’s known for seven years.

And, of course, Holly backpedals as fast as she can. She profusely apologizes and says she understands now. For Michie, he says everything is clicking together and he finally gets Tommy’s gameplay. But that doesn’t change his opinion: He still wants Tommy to lose the veto so he can send him out the door on Thursday.

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I’m not sure if Cliff doesn’t want Tommy to win or he just really wants to take this one himself, but he is READY to win. He psyches himself up in the bathroom beforehand like he’s a pro football player or something.

But who wouldn’t be excited to play this one? It’s BB Comics time! We have 14 new comics including The Keminator, The Flash Mobster (for Tommy), and The Jack Ass (for Jack, which is just an A+ choice, producers!).

Michie starts off the comp with what seems like a solid, quick strategy. He’s flying until he gets distracted by Holly’s comic: Pinot Noir. Tommy also makes good time with a similar strategy, and then Holly just slows the train down with what seems like no strategy whatsoever. Cliff and Nicole both do okay, but it’s impossible to tell time in these things. When Michie clocks in at 15:59, I think he’s likely to win. So imagine my surprise when Tommy gets a 14:21. And imagine my double surprise when Nicole’s time is 10:58. She smoked them all!

Nicole has won veto. She can take down Cliff. Holly has to go up, and maybe Holly can get voted out. IT’S GO TIME, NICOLE. DO IT FOR AMERICA.

(I’m extra excited by this series of events because, if you couldn’t tell from my last recap, I hadn’t even thought that Nicole winning veto would open the possibility of Holly going up.)

It’s a real roller coaster after her win: Cliff tells Nicole he’s excited to come down, but he thinks Tommy should still be their vote out. He thinks Tommy would be too strong to compete against for comps moving forward. And it seems like Nicole agrees.

Then Michie has a realization that a Nicole win means Holly has to go up and she could get backdoored (see! I’m not the only one who didn’t think about it!). He gets panicky. He expresses his fears to Holly, who also gets panicky. Michie points out that regardless of what they think Nicole should do, this is the better game move for her. And I’m at home hoping that what he’s putting down, Nicole is picking up downstairs.

“Cliff and Nicole could have a golden opportunity to backdoor me and separate me and Michie,” Holly says.

Nicole decides to be honest and tell Holly and Michie she’s using the veto on Cliff, but there’s “no funny business.” But Diary Room Nicole says she’s considering some funny business. She’s being “Evil Nicole.” And I like this Nicole! This move, along with her double eviction HOH and this clutch Power of Veto win, could very well give her the résumé she needs to win.

She even talks to Tommy about it. She tells him to campaign because she wants him to stay around. He’s down, but also not getting his hopes up (much like me and probably all of you, America).

Now all Nicole has to do is convince her partner Cliff to throw his vote to Holly. He says he’s not not considering it, but he’s worried about Tommy. He knows it’s a $500,000 decision, so he’s going to do some thinking.

He won’t be doing it on the block because Nicole does use the power of veto on Cliff. And Holly goes up, which means the door is wide open for her eviction. Evil Nicole, work your magic.

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