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You know not a lot is going on game-wise when the first 20 minutes of the episode is spent recapping the last episode that we watched. I guess you could say we were seeing what we didn’t see, but we could guess what we didn’t see: Nicole was loyal to her final four deal with Michie and Holly, so she put up Christie and Tommy. Cliff was loyal to his final four deal with Michie and Holly, so he didn’t use the veto. Christie and Tommy knew Christie was going home. And Christie went home.

With that out of the way, we get to kill some more time by going through Nicole’s HOH letter and basket, which is full of a lot of unicorn things. And the conspiracy theorist in me wonders if that was all just sneaky marketing for CBS’ new show The Unicorn???

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Anyway, things are just as you’d expect in the house this week: Michie is pleased as punch that Christie is gone. Tommy is fairly emotional about it, but still keeps up appearances and engages with the house like the good guy that he is.

The final four alliance that doesn’t have a name convenes in the bathroom to say it’s imperative that one of them win the next HOH. But secretly, Cliff and Nicole realize that a Tommy win would be the best-case scenario for them. If Tommy wins, he’ll go after Holly and Michie, which would prevent her and Cliff from having to do so. As for Tommy, he realizes this is a make-or-break moment.

When it’s HOH time, they all get to meet Swaggy C and Bayleigh from season 20, who are back in the house to host the comp. The game is called BBFlix, and it’s one we know well: Correctly guess which movie is being discussed in the clues, first one to guess gets a point, be the first one to five points.

I would love to say that Tommy pulls out a landmark win, but I’ll just rip the Band-Aid off: Michie wins. And he is AMPED. He hugs Swaggy so hard afterward that it makes Bayleigh step back and say, “Don’t hug ME that hard.”

Clearly, Tommy is bummed, but he does a good job staying positive. He goes up to talk to Michie who says he only has three choices. Cliff tells Nicole he thinks Michie will put up himself and Tommy. And Nicole starts to question her double eviction HOH decision to get Christie out. She says she can basically hear America saying, “Why didn’t you get out Michie when you had the chance?” And I’m not saying we’re not saying that…

Cliff’s prediction comes true: He and Tommy are this week’s noms. So now we’re down to a situation where either Tommy wins the veto and either Cliff or Nicole go home, or Tommy loses veto and he goes home. I’m not loving either of these scenarios, but I’ve come to learn that’s just what to expect from Big Brother season 21. Nobody wins.

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