Two go home for the price of one

By Kyle Fowle
September 05, 2019 at 10:31 PM EDT
Big Brother
Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS
S21 E32

It’s double eviction night, baby! That’s good news, because the first eviction of the night is super-predictable. This is a game of duos now, and Jessica is the odd woman out. Heading into the eviction, it’s interesting to see that Holly and Michie think they’re playing both sides perfectly, catering to both Cliff and Nicole, and Tommy and Christie. That’s a ludicrous assumption considering how Christie clearly feels about them. Still, they think they’re on the right track.

But Christie is on to them. She knows Michie is playing everybody, and says so to Cliff. Cliff, being the endlessly loyal person he is, immediately goes to Michie with that information. For my money, this is a mistake by Cliff. He could have kept that close to his vest in order to benefit his own game. I’m not sure he thinks that far ahead, though. He’s all about loyalty, and he’s going to end up third or fourth if Holly and Michie truly get to the end. And hey, this ends up being a night of game decisions that I very much disagree with!

So yes, Jessica goes home in a unanimous vote, and then it’s on to the battle of the duos. The H.O.H. competition kicks off right away, and it involves building an ice rink puzzle. Cliff does a good job with it, but Nicole is an absolute beast. She wins handily, and finally starts building that resume she’s always talking about. It’s so nice to see her win, and how much it means to her. You can’t help but root for her.

But then she simply does what she’s been told to do, and while she says it’s for her own game, I’m not so sure. This might be the only H.O.H. she wins, which means it’s her opportunity to shake up the game to her advantage. That means realizing that going to the end with Michie and Holly is extremely dangerous, because they’ve played the best game and are definitely on track to win, and this is the one chance to align with Tommy and Christie and get one of the powerhouses out. That could be massive for Nicole, but she doesn’t even seem to consider any other options. Cliff, Michie, and Holly all lay out the plan and Nicole goes along with it, putting up Christie and Tommy.

That brings us to the veto competition, with everyone playing. There are seven videos of former house guests saying things with bleeped-out words and phrases, and when Julie gives them a potential answer for the bleeped-out word, they have to decide if it’s true or false. Everyone gets the first few right, and then things start to get interesting. Tommy and Michie miss a few, while Cliff, Christie, and Nicole continue their perfect streak. Cliff and Christie pull away from the pack, and it comes down to the final question. Christie gets it wrong, and Cliff gets it right.

He wins veto, and it’s pretty smooth sailing from there for his alliance. He keeps the nominations the same, and the tight Final Four is more than happy to send Christie home. When Cliff says he’s not using the veto, the results become clear. Even Christie knows what’s about to happen. Cliff, Nicole, Holly, and Michie seem to be very firm in their Final Four, and Christie has been a target for a long time, though one who has managed to stay in the game through sheer force of will. Now, though, she can’t campaign, and she can’t plead her case. She’s stuck, and everyone sends her packing.

It’s a move that makes sense for Holly and Michie, because Christie has been playing hard and was definitely a threat to win, but I’m not convinced it’s in Nicole’s best interest. Holly and Michie are in full control, and it’s going to be hard for anyone to get out from under them. We’ll have to wait and see.

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