Also, Jessica and Christie fight to stay in the game

By Kyle Fowle
September 04, 2019 at 10:10 PM EDT

Things have been progressing pretty predictably this week. After Michie won yet another H.O.H., the deals he had in place meant that there was only one option for his nominations. He puts up Christie as a pawn, then Jessica, whom he’s targeting simply because he’s in an alliance with Nicole and Cliff, and he made a deal with Tommy during the H.O.H. competition. So now Jessica is having her breakdown moment, Christie and Tommy are trying to comfort her, and Michie is just hoping one of them goes home. He doesn’t even really care which one.

Before we get to the veto competition, though, let’s dive into the heart of this episode: a whole lot of relationship drama between Michie and Holly. For a showmance that has, at least during the aired episodes, been pretty smooth, things go off the rails quickly here. It’s clear that they’re feeling distant from each other, and Holly mentions how the house and the game doesn’t allow for any space to just figure things out. You’re around your partner all the time, and that’s the kind of thing that could test a relationship years into its existence, never mind one that only began a few months ago.

It all starts when Holly is talking about doing a livestream Q&A session with everyone so that they, and America, can all get to know one another better, and Michie says that that kind of stuff is private, that he wouldn’t want to reveal a lot about himself on a livestream, and that Holly’s idea is especially dumb because she’s thinking about starting it on the Friday of a long weekend. Guess what, bud? Despite your objections to revealing too much about yourself, your actions are about to tell us a whole lot.

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“Snippy, dude,” says Michie when Nicole, caught in the middle of this argument about Q&As, leaves the room, to which Holly tries to lay out why she hates how Michie talks to her sometimes. Because Michie is a giant man-baby, he puts on his headphones, refuses to engage, and then the next morning gives Holly the cold shoulder at every turn. He’s purposely not talking to her in an attempt to make her feel bad. Holly can only take so much, and when he walks by her and ignores her again, she goes over to the couch and, in front of Tommy, Nicole, and Cliff, confronts Michie about what he’s doing. She doesn’t yell, but she curses a few times, and that sets Michie off.

In true Michie fashion, he shuts down. He’s condescending and mean, and refuses to acknowledge the points Holly is trying to make. When she tries to talk to him later, he talks over her, saying, “If you want to talk, let’s talk,” and then does everything he can to blow up their relationship, saying he shouldn’t be talked to that way, and that he’s done with all of this. “Been there, done that, got a T-shirt,” he says, which is truly something else. Then she leaves the room crying, and he kisses a picture of his mother. I mean, there are no words.

It’s a lot of drama, and it’s kind of nice to see some cracks in their armor for once, but by the end of the episode the two have made up. They’re still finding ways to talk and come back to each other, even though it seems like they have some trouble communicating. But hey, who can tell from all this edited footage?

That brings us to the veto comp. You know the one, and it’s a lot of fun: The house guests hide tokens around the house, and then they turn the place over looking for them. The one who hides theirs the best wins the veto. As usual, it’s absolute chaos. Michie in particular is just throwing everything around, and I’m just going to say he’s working out some of those relationship feelings that he loves to tamp down inside.

It’s a lot of fun to watch, and it comes down to two tokens: Tommy and Cliff. In essence, if Cliff wins he won’t rock the boat, and if Tommy wins he’ll probably take Christie off the block.

Tommy does get the win, and he does take Christie off the block. Michie reverts to his plan B, which is putting up Cliff as a pawn. It looks like Jessica is a shoe-in to go home, but luckily this is about to be a double eviction, so we’ll get a little more drama if the predictable happens. Plus, if Jess does leave, we’re down to the three duos, and it should be fun to watch them battle it out.

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