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Last week, Christie won this season’s first H.o.H competition. It was a big win, as she’s part of the season’s first powerful alliance. “The Power Six” consisting of Christie, Holly, Isabella, Jack, and Jackson were confident in their early numbers, and Christie winning the competition meant they had the power heading into this episode. Still, they need more numbers, and that’s where this episode kicks off. Everyone is well aware that Christie is thinking about who to put on the chopping block, but only a few are really panicking. Kathryn is particularly paranoid, whereas Ovi is just being weird, “getting close” to Christie by making some seriously awkward conversation with her.

Initially, it looks like Ovi is the classic overthinker, worrying too much about being both the “non-threat” and the “friend with everybody” that he ends up working too hard and putting a target on his back. But before long he overhears Nick and Tommy whispering at night; the word “eight” stands out to him, as that’d be the number needed for a majority. Thus, Ovi is on to their alliance. He’s not the only one though. When Christie tells Kathryn that she might end up on the chopping block, but just as a pawn so that everyone can vote out Cliff, Kat doesn’t buy it for a second. And why would she? Nobody goes on the block right now as a pawn.

Ovi isn’t totally sure about what to do with his vague information, so he goes to Analyse with his ideas about how relationships are forming and people are starting to work together. That’s a mistake, as the Power Six is now an eight (an alliance that Nick has dubbed “Gr8ful”), and Analyse is a part of it, along with Tommy. It’s not the first time this episode that Ovi will unknowingly make the wrong move though. Yep, he’s the classic overthinker.

The next iffy move happens after everyone signs up for a “Whacktivity.” The house is divided into three groups, all of which will be competing for special powers in different weeks. The “Nightmare” group, consisting of Nicole, Cliff, Ovi, Kathryn, and Isabella is up first, and their challenge is truly disgusting. They have three buckets of nasty camp smells in front of them, and they have to match them with smells scattered across a destroyed campsite. There’s bobcat urine, some rotting shrimp, moldy tomatoes, “impure durian” (which I totally had to Google) and a host of other gross smells.

It takes the contestants three rounds to get a winner, with Ovi managing to correct a past mistake and snag the win. That gives him a special, secret power. Back in the house, alone, he opens up an envelope and reads about what he’s won. The “Nightmare Power” allows the recipient to, after any of the first six nomination ceremonies, wake up everyone in the middle of the night and force the H.O.H to select two new nominations, making the previous two safe. On top of that, nobody will know who used the power.

That’s huge, and Ovi knows it. He knows he has to hold on to it just in case he ends up on the block. But, the thing is, rather than lay low like he says he’s going to do, he starts playing too hard. He goes to Jack, Jackson (who’s going by “Michie” now), Christie, and Analyse and suggests they form a tight five alliance and then just use people as they need to. It’s such a dumb, overeager move. He’s got all the power in the world, holding the Nightmare Power and knowing about an eight-person alliance, but he’s out here blabbing to anyone that will listen, meaning he’s letting the actual member of that alliance know what he’s up to. You need a lot more chill, Ovi, if you’re going to survive until the end. You should be laying low and observing what’s happening and striking when necessary, not forging alliances when you know eight goddamn people are already joining forces. Be cool, man!

For awhile it looks like Christie might play around with the nomination ceremony, as she’s off-put by Kemi’s approach to her game and Ovi’s eagerness. But, when it comes down to it, she sticks to the original plan. She nominates Cliff and Kathryn and then ends the episode by saying she’s not even sure she wants them to stay on the block. Way to commit, Christie!

She may get her wish though. The veto competition is coming up on Tuesday, and that could change the look of things.

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