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After everything that went down with the eviction between Analyse and Christie last week, winning H.O.H. was exactly what Holly needed. She and Michie needed not only to target Nick but also to use Christie to do so. Despite some objections from Christie after being saved, that still seems to be the plan.

Things get a little more complicated here with the veto competition though. Holly knows that one of her allies needs to win this competition so that the block can stay the same. Yes, she wants Nick to go home, but as she says, the more she talks to Christie, the more she thinks it wouldn’t be the worst thing if she went home instead. Christie simply can’t stop talking about this “pawn” business, and it’s driving Michie and Holly mad. “I read energy,” says Christie as she assumes Nick is America’s Prankster, before telling Holly and Michie that she accepts being a pawn this time around because it’s what she said she would do.

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There’s just one little problem: Michie and Holly didn’t use her!! She was secretly put up by Nick, so Holly and Michie find her finagling of the situation a little frustrating. In other words, Christie is really not reading that energy.

Anyways, once we get to the veto picks, it’s clear that Nick has an uphill battle. He’s going against his fellow nominee Christie, as well as Michie (Holly’s houseguest choice), Cliff, and Jessica. He has no friends there, no one that will likely take him off the block. He needs the win; otherwise, there’s a good chance he’s going home.

After some truly terrible zings from the Zingbot — his analysis of Jessica’s game as a “Snooze Fest” is spot on at least — in a segment that lasts way too long, it’s finally time for the veto competition. The competition involves freeing the Zingbot from the “Zingetentiary.” It’s essentially a moving ball game where the players have to navigate a ball on a map and get it into certain holes along the way. There are 27 holes in total, and Nick gets off to a hot start, knocking out a bunch of the bottom ones immediately. Cliff, meanwhile, can barely get started, and Christie has a lot of trouble too.

This mostly boils down to Michie and Nick battling it out, which makes for great competition. Nick’s strategy is to knock out all the bottom holes first, while Michie starts from the top. Holly, situated between both of them, is failing to do much besides praying that Michie can get the job done, win the veto, and keep the nominations the same. In the end, Michie’s strategy pays off. He flies through the bottom row of holes, winning veto and ruining Nick’s chances of taking himself off the block.

The question now is this: do Holly and Michie still want Nick to go home instead of Christie?

Nick crashes in the boat room, and when Michie comes in, he tells him everything. He says Michie didn’t need to win and that he would never have put him up, admitting that he’s America’s Prankster. It’s Nick playing a longer game, hoping to save his life and show that he’s loyal to Michie and Holly. That doesn’t mean he’ll be taken off the block, but it’s a good move on his part. It puts some doubt into Michie’s head, and if Christie does happen to go home, it could set him up nicely in the coming weeks.

Michie tells Holly about it, and they both decide that it’s best to keep Nick on the block and send him home. They assure Christie that she’s not going home and that Michie can’t use the veto because everything is already going as planned. Then, Nick tells Tommy about being America’s Prankster too, hoping to forge more alliances and loyalties, and maybe swing some votes toward Christie. He wants Tommy, Nicole, and Cliff as votes, which is what he needs to stay. 3-2 will do it this time around.

That brings us to the veto meeting, where Michie gets three pies to the face before making his announcement. Those pies are the only real shock here. Michie keeps everything the same, and it’s time for Nick to campaign and hope he can convince three people that he should stay instead of Christie. Maybe this is an easy vote, and Nick goes home, but I have to say, this is one of the more interesting eviction campaigns of the season.

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