The latest twist seriously complicates Holly and Michie's best-laid plans
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The previous episode of Big Brother wasn’t exactly shocking, but it was more surprising than other evictions this season. After weeks of making it known that he wanted Christie out of the house, Michie finally had his chance to get rid of her. But then, Christie put a huge target on Nick’s back during Taco Tuesday, and suddenly everyone was considering their options. Eventually, Christie swindled her way into staying, and Sis went home.

The start of this episode flashes back to show us how that all happened. In essence, Christie went begging to Michie and Holly and promised to do whatever they wanted. She said she’d be a pawn to go after Nick, and “honorably take fourth or fifth place.” I don’t know if I’m fully buying her loyalty — I mean, who doesn’t want to win the game? — but the gamble pays off. She also secures Cliff and Nicole by promising never to target them, essentially laying out a Final Four.

So, that’s how she manages to keep her spot in the house, but as soon as everyone starts playing again — after a night of punishments where Jessica, Cliff, and Nicole have to smash pies into everyone’s faces during all hours of the day and night — Holly and Michie realize they may have made a bad decision. Worried about what’s coming during Prank Week, Holly is thinking about how she can make sure Nick goes home. So, she wants to use Christie as a pawn, just like she said she would. When approached with that idea though, Christie immediately balks. She says she didn’t think it would be so soon, and that she needs assurance that she’ll be staying.

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It’s remarkable, really, just how silly these people can be. Christie knows she sold her soul just to stay, but now she’s surprised that Holly and Michie are executing the exact plan they laid out. Then there’s Michie and Holly, who are left thinking that they should have just went ahead and voted Christie out. Perhaps changing your mind at the last minute and altering a month’s worth of plans isn’t a great idea?

Anyways, after a rather delightful montage where we see Michie constantly eating watermelon, the houseguests are woken up in the middle of the night and told about the America’s Prankster twist. They finally find out that America has been voting for someone to become America’s Prankster, and that person will then be in control of one of the H.O.H. nominations, secretly nominating someone. On top of that, should a veto be used on their nomination, they get to pick the replacement. It’s a ton of power, and it rightly scares Holly and Michie.

Because America is smart and understands that this is an opportunity to introduce a little chaos into the game, Nick is chosen as the Prankster. He’s working under the assumption that Holly will use her one slot to put him up, which means he needs to choose someone that, should he not win the veto and pull himself off the block, he can maybe beat by campaigning against them. Considering everything the house just went through, and that Taco Tuesday blowup, that means Christie, who almost went home and has maybe already rubbed the people who kept her around the wrong way. So, at the ceremony, Holly puts up Nick, and Nick (in secret) puts up Christie. Considering all the scenarios and mysteries here, the next veto competition might be the most important of the season.

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