One of the original Six, Christie or Sis, heads home

By Kyle Fowle
August 22, 2019 at 10:30 PM EDT

Michie has done everything in his power to send home his big target, Christie. He won the H.O.H. and put her up, and then won the veto competition and kept her there alongside Sis. Now he’s feeling confident. He thinks Christie is going home for sure. Even Tommy, who’d love to have her stick around, knows she has an uphill battle if she wants to stay in the game.

Christie comes up with a plan. She has no real angle on campaigning against Sis, so instead she decides to target Nick. She’s hoping to expose him as a liar, and when Nick finds out, listening in on her vent session in the RV, he loses it. He tries to go to Michie to calm himself down, but Michie is loving all this drama. Anything that takes a target off his back is fine by him. So when Nick says he’s about to blow up Taco Tuesday and confront Christie before she can lay into him, all Michie can do is smile.

Sure enough, Nick brings Christie to the kitchen and absolutely explodes on her. It’s a complete misreading of his situation. By acting so angry and unhinged, he gives Christie the space to be the calm, rational one. Now, some of what Christie is saying makes sense. Nick has made friends with everyone, and he’s kind of coasting right now, and that means he could get to the end. At the same time, you could say that about Nicole, Cliff, Jessica, and Sis too. Still, her points hit home partly because Nick is so heated. Christie mentions him throwing veto comps, lying to people, and all Nick can do is yell at her. He needs to be a lot more convincing than that!

Taco Tuesday turns into a true mess, and it’s incredibly entertaining. It’s exactly the kind of chaos this stretch of the season needed, but it’s unclear if this will make any difference. Michie and Holly talk through their options, realizing that Nick is a threat, but worried that keeping Christie around is a decision they’ll come to regret down the road.

On to the live vote we go. Tommy, Nicole, and Jessica vote to evict Analyse, which is no surprise. But then Holly steps up, and she votes for her too, which is a surprise, and that officially sends Analyse to the jury. Apparently Christie’s move did make a difference, at least in Holly’s mind. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out, but I will say that Analyse has been an absent player. She’s hardly done anything all season, so if you’re talking about who deserves to still be there, it’s definitely Christie. But this could be bad news for Nick. He’s definitely going to have to make some moves in the coming days to assure people that he’s not playing all sides.

With that business taken care of, it’s on to the next H.O.H. competition, but this one comes with a twist: Julie Chen announces it’s the start of Prank Week, which is exactly what you expect it to be. The night before the competition, the sleeping house guests were constantly interrupted by audio recordings of different birds, and were told “You never know when this might come in handy.” Naturally, everyone assumes studying the calls will help them at the H.O.H. competition.

But no, this is Prank Week, and everyone finds out that their late night won’t help them at all. And they also find out that America will be voting to prank the H.O.H. Still, winning at this point is what you want. Anyway, each competitor must roll a ball down a plank that gets increasingly thin, and land on a number. Whoever has the highest number wins; the two lowest scores will get punishments. Holly rolls a 50, the highest score, right off the bat, basically ruining any tension for the rest of the competition. Holly wins H.O.H., which is super-interesting. Will she target Christie? Nick? Both? Someone else?

We’ll have to wait a few days before we find out, but for now this is great for Michie and Holly. They have all the control, and they can either use Christie as a loyal vote or they can go after her. The thing is, they don’t hold all the cards they think they do. As part of Prank Week, America gets to vote for a resident Prankster in the household. That person will be announced Sunday, and the title comes with incredible power. They get to steal one of the H.O.H.’s eviction nominations, meaning that Holly’s power is cut in half. You have to think America is going to shake things up here — will they vote for Nick? — and that could mean some serious shakeups in the near future.

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