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Sis creates quite a conundrum for me as a Big Brother viewer. On the one hand, I applaud her for being so loyal to Christie and her alliance. But, on the other hand, I want to shake her while screaming, “Quit being so naive!” Despite her being on the block, she’s calm as a cool cucumber, completely unaware she is a secondary target.

Christie, meanwhile, is not doing so well being on the block. “This house is a joke,” she tells Sis and Tommy. Which is when Sis reveals her big plan: She feels the “best-case scenario” is if Christie wins veto, pulls herself off the block, and Sis stays up. And I quote, she literally says, “I know I will have the votes to stay.” Oh, Sis. What a sweet, sweet dummy you are.

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Unlike Sis, Tommy is thinking about himself — as he should. He goes up to the HOH room, where Jackson tells it like it is: He says that Tommy is a bigger threat than Sis, but he’s been loyal to him and Holly, so he wants to continue working with him. Tommy agrees and says he’s still with Holly and Michie, despite Michie putting his best friend up. Of course, Michie says to confessional that if Christie does come off the block, he may need to put Tommy up to get Sis out. But that’s a problem for later.

In addition to Sis, Jess really wants to keep Christie in the house. She says that Christie is a “strong ally” for her and I feel like I must have missed something? When did Christie ever do anything for Jess??

There’s only one person who is looking out for Sis, and it’s Nick. She asks him if he wins veto if he’d use it to save Christie. He says no, he’d use it to save Sis. And that’s not what she wants to hear (because, again, girl’s naive!). Christie thinks that Nick is in an alliance with Holly and Michie, so they just ask him straight out. He says he’s not working with them, and he promises he would use the veto if he won it — but he’d use it for Sis. Christie takes this as proof he’s working with the HOH. And so does Sis. *Shakes fist at the air*

When it comes time for Veto picks, Michie draws Cliff, Christie draws Nick, and Sis draws Holly. Based on players alone, it’s not looking good for the two noms. The players have to place 10 deep-sea plush creatures onto a spinning mobile. The first to get all 10 on wins. Sounds easy! It’s not!

Cliff thinks he can win this one because he’s an engineer. (He doesn’t.) Christie thinks she’s got it because she pre-plans the weights of what goes where. And she does get close to finishing, but Michie pulls out the win. He can keep noms the same, and Sis and Christie aren’t pleased.

They’re so upset that they get mad at Tommy and Holly when they “play Baywatch” (i.e. running around in red swim shorts and a lifesaver while pretending to save Nicole’s life). Christie runs to the Have Not room to cry about how her ally is having fun while she’s fighting for her life. “I’m the only person who came in here with a friend, and I don’t think that I have that,” she says to an incredibly understanding Tommy.

But it doesn’t matter. Christie says she can use her manifestations and “power of her words” to stay in the house. However, it doesn’t work talking to Michie. He decides not to use his veto. So now Christie is going to have to use all her energy on throwing the votes to Sis — who quite possibly will campaign for that herself? TBD.

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