As a new HOH comes into power, the house divide grows deeper.
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The season 21 houseguests love a Hail Mary house blow-up — and I am loving it! (I only wish this trend had started much earlier in the season.) As the slime comp plays on, we learn that Jessica decided she was going to stir the pot since her friend Kat was leaving the house and her alliance with Nicole and Cliff seemed to be leaving her in the lurch.

So with 18 hours left until eviction, Jessica has a chat with Sis. She says she knows about the new alliance of six. Sis says she never agreed to anything like that. “There’s absolutely no alliance being made,” she says, lying through her teeth. This news doesn’t worry her, but when Jess tells her that Holly said Jackson said Sis is more flirty with him now, she suddenly pays attention. Sis is appalled and she goes straight to tell Christie about it.

Sis and Christie discuss Holly and everything Jess said in the boat room, the hotbed for all drama lately. And, naturally, Holly is standing outside the door listening. She enters at just the right time and plays dumb. “Do I look like Willie Nelson?” she asks. But Sis gets down to business and says she’s not a “happy camper” with her.

As they all discuss what’s been said, a crowd starts to gather outside. Jess decides just to walk straight in and tell them they have an audience. So Christie, Jess, and Sis relocate to Camp Comeback, where they think no one will eavesdrop. Holly apparently isn’t welcome, but her boy Michie stands outside and listens for her.

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Christie promises to Jess on her sister’s life that there is no group of six. Sorry, Christie’s sister! But then she does say the plan is to go after Michie, then Holly. Michie finds Holly in the HOH room and reveals what he heard. Holly thinks that Jess just blew up her game… but I wouldn’t be so sure.

Back at the beer filling comp, Michie is — not surprisingly — flying through it. He easily beats everyone despite having to do the comp in his underwear and becomes HOH. His first instinct is to put Christie and Sis on the block. And right on cue, Christie and Sis talk about how they’re worried. Tommy thinks he’d be safe because he never (openly) targeted Michie.

Cliff is also a little worried, so he decides to come clean. He explains that the “deal” with becoming part of the new six was agreeing to target Holly and Michie had Cliff won HOH. Michie says it’s cowardly making those people do his dirty work. Cliff says he understands if he needs to go up as a pawn.

In his HOH room, Michie talks through who to put up with Holly. He’s still leaning toward Sis and Christie. She says this definitely ends the possibility of The Five. He’s fine with that, but both of them want to stay in Tommy’s good graces.

The next morning, Christie comes to chat with him. He says he’s not doing much talking; he’s just listening. But despite Christie telling him the agreement with Cliff wasn’t a “real” alliance, Michie does most of the talking. He says he’s ready to play the f—ing game and he wants his nominations to make the house pop off. And Christie looks like she definitely did not manifest this.

Sis goes to talk to him next but can’t remember anything she was going to say (to be fair, she’s hardly getting any sleep because she has to make eggs 24/7). So Michie just starts talking again. He asks who came up with the deal. She says that she, Nick, and Christie were in bed and talking about the pros and cons of keeping Kat and Cliff. She says the only way that she’d keep Cliff is to make sure he kept her safe, and then Nick takes it and runs with it. He “formulated” the deal, says Michie, who suddenly thinks he needs to keep his eye on Nick.

When Nick goes to talk to him later, he says, “I don’t really got much to say.” Michie says on a personal level that he likes him, but he wants to eliminate the people that are standing in front of him and $500,000. Nick thinks he’s therapizing him by just listening and agreeing. But then Michie says it’s been made clear that if he didn’t win then he would have gone up. Not doing himself any favors, Nick just says, “Yep.”

But it seems like listening and agreeing worked for Nick because Christie and Analyse go up. RIP, new not-an-alliance six.

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