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Alright, with Cliff and Kat officially on the block after Tommy’s veto win canceled out the twist that put Christie on the block for a hot minute, the live eviction episode begins with the usual scheming, and what’s come to be a truly never-ending stream of tears. Seriously, everyone here is getting emotional about every little thing. It’s wild.

So, to quickly recap, Kat has been Tommy’s target. He’s aligned with Nick, Sis, and Christie, and they’re not too trusting of Holly and Michie at this moment. They also believe Kat is growing close to them, so they want to get rid of that threat while they can. So, Nick spearheads the approach to get Kat out and plan for the future. He tells Cliff that it’s time for a new Final Six, which would include the two of them plus Nicole, Sis, Tommy, and Christie. Then they can pick off Holly, Michie, and Jessica one by one, then fight it out to the end.

Cliff, being on the block and all, doesn’t hesitate to take the deal. He just wants to stay in the house and increase his odds of being there at the end. Nicole, who Nick positions as the swing vote, is a little more unsure. She really trusts Kat, but she also doesn’t want to be left behind by the majority. Either way, it becomes clear to her that whatever move she makes, it’ll draw some serious lines in the house.

That should really be the end of it all, with Nicole just going off and mulling over her decision, but because she’s prone to spilling everything at all times, she goes ahead and tells Jessica about the alliance that will leave her out. It’s…a choice. Now Nicole’s potentially powerful decision is out in the open, meaning there’s more pressure and more scheming. Jessica, obviously eager to start planning for her uncertain future, brings that information to Holly, who then promptly takes it to Michie. There’s a lot of crying throughout all of this. Nicole crying because she’s torn; Jessica crying because she’s being left out; Kat crying when she confronts Cliff about his plan and makes him feel guilty for simply trying to save himself. I mean, what was he supposed to do?

That brings us to the eviction. Kat gives Cliff a lot of props during her speech, which acts as a way of putting a target on his back, noting how Cliff has fought his way back from multiple “back against the wall” situations while keeping his social game intact. Cliff pleads his case and apologizes to Kat for not being able to play with her after this, and then it’s off to the live vote. The vote goes as planned, with Nick, Sis, and Christie voting to evict Kat, and then it’s Nicole’s turn. She votes for Kat, sending her home for good, and Holly and Michie follow suit after that, leaving Jessica as the only vote for Cliff.

Kat only hugs Jessica on the way out and then reiterates in her post-eviction interview that she knew this was coming; she just wanted to make sure Cliff heard her side of everything. Overall, Kat played a pretty good game. She has a good understanding of the dynamics and relationships, but the numbers just weren’t in her favor.

With that bit of business done, it’s on to the H.O.H. competition. For “Aug-Toberfest,” the contestants must fill a cup with beer, slide across a giant slip-and-slide, and then become the first person to fill a giant stein at the other end. Because this is live Big Brother and we don’t spoil things from the streams here, the episode goes off the air before any of the steins are even close to being filled. So, either get into those comments or come back Sunday to read all about the new H.O.H. and what that means for the rest of the game.

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