The new twist in the game has Tommy scrambling for a decision.
Big Brother
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S21 E21

You know that friend who always makes bad decisions? We all have one. They make bad decision after bad decision. You see them hurtling toward a cliff and there’s nothing you can do to stop them. Tommy is that friend.

Despite him being the new HOH with power to shake up the game, his sights are set on reuniting the Six Shooters. “We may be down,” he says, “but we’re not out.” WHY TOMMY? Steer away from that cliff!

Michie is all for getting the gang back together — or so he says to Tommy’s face. He’ll say or do anything to keep himself off the block this week. And so will Kat. She knows that it’s likely she’ll go up since just two weeks ago Tommy was leading the charge to flip votes to her over Sam. And that is Tommy’s plan: He wants to put up Cliff and Kat. He tells Christie he’s even willing to pull off Cliff and put up Nicole as a pawn to ensure Kat goes home.

But, of course, when Kat confronts Tommy about it during her HOH room chat, he denies, denies, denies. She even mentions she heard murmurings of the Six Shooters getting back together, which he denies, denies, denies. But Kat isn’t as ditzy as she wants people to think she is — she knows he’s lying. Unfortunately, there’s nothing she can do about it. Or is there…

You may remember Julie saying a new twist is coming, and it’s here. This past week, Big Brother fans have been voting for America’s Field Trip. Three people get nominated and compete — one will be safe for the week, one gets a punishment, and the loser becomes a third nomination.

The votes are in, and it’s Michie, Sis, and Christie. Sis thinks it’s an honor and thanks America. Michie knows exactly what this is: America votes for him because he’s a least-liked player. And Christie realizes it, too. She’s immediately in tears.

You know that friend that you see driving off a cliff? Well, there are two of them in this game. Sis decides the best thing for their alliance is for her to throw America’s Field trip so that she can go up as a third nomination. No, Sis, that’s what’s best for CHRISTIE, not you.

The three take a “field trip” to the backyard where they have to do the chicken coop game: They must navigate their eggs across a chicken coop and then roll them down a board and knock over letters in order to spell SAFE. Jackson gets the first egg out, but he can’t get it down the board. And that’s a common theme. Eggs are falling and cracking left and right.

“I refuse to believe America doesn’t like me,” Sis says when they start chatting about how the game is torture. Michie says it’s very clear they’re the least liked. But her defense? “I barely talk.”

They keep tossing eggs, and Michie finally gets the first letter. Sis says she’s trying to throw the comp, but Christie is doing such a bad job, it might end up being obvious. Michie pulls out the win — which means it’s down to the two women. And Sis was right: At this point, it would be obvious for her to throw it. She basically would have to sit down in order to let her get ahead.

When he sees Sis pulling ahead, Michie whispers to her that she needs to shake the egg in order for it to roll straighter. And with that bit of advice, Analyse comes in second, and Christie goes up as the third nominee.

This is the worst-case scenario for Christie, but the best case for Kat. Sis won’t stop talking about how America hates her. Michie points out that if America was voting for people they like, Cliff would have been in there. Say what you want about Michie, but he’s not (always) a dummy.

Cliff tells Nicole that as long as Christie doesn’t win veto, he thinks the house will vote her out and they’ll all be safe.

Christie comes into the HOH room while Sis, Nick, and Tommy are talking about how sad it was to see her lose. Nick says he’s not going to let her go home. He says he’ll win it and use the veto on Christie. He wants to play with Christie, Tommy, and Sis for … reasons. Tommy doesn’t know what to do with noms now. So Kat offers a solution: If she’s not on the block, she would be a vote for Christie to stay (which may or may not be true).

But that doesn’t change his mind. In the end, Tommy nominates her alongside Cliff. Will he be able to save his BFF and send out that “big target” Kat? I guess we’ll all find out Wednesday night.

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