The Six Shooters' power players have their backs against the wall.
Big Brother

After 17 episodes of things essentially staying the same, Sunday’s episode of Big Brother finally saw the house get a shakeup. Six Shooters exploded, and Jessica won the H.O.H. competition. She swiftly put Jack and Michie on the block, hoping to change the course of this game for those sitting on the outside, namely her, Nicole, Cliff, and Kat.

As this episode gets underway, it seems clear that Michie is on the outs. He’s being all macho and angry about it, telling Holly that he’s not going to beg those people to stay and that he’s coming after all of them — seriously, his tantrums masquerading as calm tirades are hilarious and the purest distillation of male entitlement. Just incredibly childish in every way.

Jessica has her two nominees nailed down. She talks about them being the “Two Alphas” but with different personalities; one who’s very much a gentleman but aggressive in his actions (hi Michie!), and then the other who’s condescending and loves to mansplain (hello Jack and your need to tell Kemi about her shaker bottle!). She’s not wrong, America!

Still, despite Michie rubbing almost everyone the wrong way, Jessica wonders if this is the only opportunity to get Jack out. Cliff, Nicole, and Kat aren’t much help in figuring out what the best play is, and Nick is currently just sitting on the sidelines as the “lone wolf” and seeing how things play out before he aligns with anybody, but none of this gameplay matters all that much until the veto competition takes place. The competition will determine so much about the vote, especially if Jack or Michie win and pull themselves off the block.

The competition is pretty disappointing, mostly because it’s a game of luck rather than skill. Players get spun around in a spaceship before launching a “rocket” onto a board where every square comes with a set of points. As they rack up points, the lowest gets eliminated and receives a prize — that every other person can steal when they get eliminated. So, when Kat is the first one out and “wins” the Power of Veto, there’s no way she’s holding on to it.

Anyways, Jack and Michie have their work cut out for them. Michie knows that if Tommy wins he’ll be safe, as Christie will probably use her expiring Diamond Veto power, but that’s about it for allies. Jessica, Kat, Nick, and Jack make up the rest of the field, which means the Alphas have the odds stacked against them. Sure enough, neither of them are able to get the job done. In another instance of everything suddenly going against the former Six Shooters, Jessica wins the veto competition. That means she’s not only likely to keep the block the same, she’s also managed to force Christie’s Diamond Veto into extinction. She can’t use it because Jessica would just pick a replacement, and that could mean Christie herself.

Everything should be super simple, but then Michie overhears Christie, Jack, Nick, and Tommy plotting against him, and then relays that information to Jessica. Then, despite her supposed newfound love of this game and the need to make power moves against the Alphas, she completely eats up Michie’s intel and his lightly suggested idea that he should be pulled off the block so that Nick, who’s playing both sides, can be put up. Jessica gets heated quick, and it’s remarkable how easily she’s swayed by Michie. Sure, other people, like Nick, are playing this game! Duh! But clearly Michie is just trying to save himself at this point. Jessica is this close to pulling a Cliff.

We get to the veto ceremony eventually, after Tommy introduced everyone to his terribly annoying punishment, and after all the potential drama, Jessica stays the course. She keeps Michie and Jack on the block, and that means one of them is going home no matter what. It’s the biggest move of the game, bolstered by Jessica seriously coming through in two straight competitions. Now, the campaigning begins, and we see which one of the Alphas can convince his fellow housemates that he’s worthy of staying, while the other will become the first member of the jury.

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