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If you’re like me, you’ve been waiting since Thursday night for this dramatic explosion in the house that Julie kept referring on last week’s Big Brother. Well, buckle up, because it did not disappoint.

Sunday night’s episode starts with the HOH competition. Kat says she’s happy to still be in the house, but she’s confused about what’s going on. (As are we all.) So let’s rewind to four hours and 18 minutes before Thursday’s live eviction…

Michie is talking to Jack about how Christie and Tommy might take a shot at them. Jack doesn’t think so — he thinks Kat is manipulating Michie into making him insecure about Christie and his alliance with her. And then for what may be the defining moment of his game, Michie tells Jack that Kat and Holly are friends outside of the house.

This is big news to Jack, but he keeps a cool face but tells Tommy as soon as he can. Jack thinks his former bestie is “coming up with BLANK” that is pulling Six Shooters apart. But then Tommy says he’s had his suspicions about those two for a while. Tommy even takes it a step further: he says because Michie and Holly are a couple, the three of them must all know each other. “They’re a solid three,” he tells Jack.

Jack eats it up, so when Tommy says they need to flip the votes and get Kat out, he’s on board. Christie walks in and learns that Jackson was being “fed information” about her. You can just imagine how she reacts to this. Within seconds, she’s ready to make a new alliance of six with herself, Jack, Tommy, Sis, Nick, and Sam. Christie and Jack go tell Nicole and Nick about flipping the vote while Tommy tries to convince Sis. She feels bad that she “can’t tell Sam,” which Holly happens to overhear.

Holly runs to Michie and tells him what she overheard, so he decides to go into the room. (For some reason, Sis is wearing a plastic garbage bag as a T-shirt for much of this conversation. It’s just the perfect thing to happen during all this trash, and I don’t ever want to find out why.) He asks if Kat is still being kept. Tommy and Sis say yes.

Later, in the kitchen, Holly flat out asks Tommy if he’s flipping. She asks him to talk more in the boat room. Upstairs, Michie looks at Jack and just says, “Don’t.” Jack pretends nothing is going on.

But in the boat room, two hours and four minutes before live eviction, things start to blow up… even more. Holly reveals she heard Tommy and Sis talking about “can’t tell Sam.” Tommy opens up and says he doesn’t feel safe with Six Shooters because of the way Jackson is acting toward Christie. Oh, and he tells her that Jackson revealed that she and Kat know each other. Holly is obviously pissed and tries to stay ahead of it.

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Jack walks in, and she tells him that this is her HOH, not Jackson’s, and she isn’t being respected as a team member. Then Michie walks in. Then Christie and Sis come in. Gang’s all here!

Christie asks Jackson why he has an issue with her, he says it’s because he’s heard from multiple sources that she wants him out. He says something about a yelling match, and Christie says, “If you want to yell at a girl, that’s fine.” This does not help him calm down in the slightest.

At this point, they aren’t even attempting to keep this quiet. The whole house can hear what’s going on. Nick and Jess are basically jumping up and down in the bathroom, and Cliff can’t wait to say, “I told you so.”

Suddenly, they’re yelling about who went to Stagecoach with whom, if Michie should be giving Christie coffee in the morning, and why Christie revealed to Cliff that Michie was the hinky vote (he was). Tommy tries hard to calm everyone down, but the yelling only ends when Michie walks out and Jack slams the door behind him.

With one hour and 44 minutes until the live eviction, Kat walks in the boat room and says she was trying to help Six Shooters by being a pawn for them. She starts crying, and suddenly Christie is on her side because she’s not sure what the truth is. She goes around the house and tells everyone that she doesn’t want Kat to go.

And we know what happens: Kat doesn’t go home. And Six Shooters is officially dead.

Back to the HOH comp, where it’s a memory game and Michie is the first one out. The final three are Kat, Nicole, and Jess. The producers couldn’t have scripted this episode better. In the end, Jessica gets crowned the new HOH. America is pleased. Michie is not.

Despite Kat saying she thinks Michie would work with them since he’s on the outs of his own alliance, Jess puts him and his old buddy Jack up on the block. “The bottom feeders are going after these alphas,” Nicole tells America. Nicole, from all of America, I have to say: IT’S ABOUT TIME.

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