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First, there were eight. (Then for some reason they went up to nine.) Then there were six, and now there are … well, who knows. Julie Chen starts tonight’s Big Brother by saying there has been a big shakeup in the house in the hour leading up to the live eviction. Because the episode was already clipped and edited when this shakeup happened, we’re not privy to what exactly went down. Here’s what we do know:

It seems that we may finally have a splitting up of the couples. And most of it was due to Sam and Kat, who were up for nominations and trying to save their lives in the game.

Sam first goes to Sis to see if he can persuade her to keep him. She says she wants him to stay, but she’s not sure about rocking the vote. Next, Kat decides to finally play the game. She’s decided that Holly staying in Six Shooters isn’t good for their final two, so she tells her that Christie told her she doesn’t want to go to final six with the couples. Holly has had suspicions about Christie before, so this isn’t new. When Holly mentions it to Sis, she also agrees that Christie’s been a bit shady. And with Michie weighing in as well, Holly has half of Six Shooters agreeing that Christie is too paranoid and could be bad for their alliance.

Christie certainly doesn’t help herself by chatting game with everyone and anyone. Cliff talks to her about how he thinks the power four are just that: a power four. He says he wants to help her and Tommy, and she says she doesn’t want to be left in the six.

Trying to stir the pot even more, Sam tells Michie about how Christie would have voted out Jack or Michie if Cliff had put them up. This certainly gives Michie something to think about; if they do keep Sam, that would give him and Holly another person to work with. Michie explains the situation to Jack, who says the words we’ve all been waiting to hear: “Six Shooters is deteriorating.” Finally.

But, unfortunately, none of them can go home this week because they’re not on the block. Kat and Sam are. After viewing a choreographed dance that Tommy taught the house, they both give their final speeches. Because we don’t know exactly what went down, they seem a bit cryptic. Kat talks about how outside the house, she’s all about female empowerment and equality and body positivity and she hopes that her parents are proud of the game she’s been playing. Hmm. Sam says, “I’ve been caught in guilt by association,” and he mentions “the whole fiasco tonight.”

Whatever it was, they unanimously vote Sam out. When he’s out the door, Julie says that he was going to be saved earlier in the day, but at 3 p.m. P.T. “all ‘blank’ broke loose.” I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to watch Sunday night (or, you know, just go read on the boards). See y’all back here then.

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