A must-win veto comp sends the Six Shooters (briefly) into chaos.

By Kyle Fowle
July 31, 2019 at 10:33 PM EDT
S21 E16
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If you’ve been following along with these recaps, you know that there’s more than a little frustration with the gameplay on this season of Big Brother. A large alliance is controlling everything, and the others are simply sitting on the sidelines and hoping they can somehow coast to the finals. It’s been bad, and tonight’s episode begins with even more frustration. While Sam and Nick deal with being put on the block — nothing surprising here, but as Sam says, it’s “stresssssfuulllllll” — the outsiders of Cliff, Nicole, Jessica, and Kat continue to sit idly by. Cliff mentions how they need to “sit back and wait” to make their move — how long, Cliff?!? — while Kat goes even further, telling the girls that if Sam or Nick wins the veto, she’ll gladly be a pawn on the block. I mean, imagine being the person whose sole move is being a disposable piece for the key players? Good Lord.

After that bit of non-gameplay, it’s on to the veto challenge. Jessica, Cliff, and Tommy are chosen to compete along with HOH Holly and the two nominees, Nick, and Sam. Jack, dressed as Bo Peep, informs them all that they’ll be wrangling sheep, complete with numbers on their back, into a pen, aiming for a target amount. The six competitors split into pairs to face off head-to-head. In the first matchup, Nick handily beats Jessica. In the second, Holly easily takes out Sam, spoiling his chances of removing himself from the block. In the third, Tommy sneaks a win past Cliff.

Sam Smith and Nick Maccarone on the fourth live Big Brother eviction show. Big Brother airs Wednesdays (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT), Thursdays, featuring the live evictions (9:00-10:00 PM, LIVE ET/Delayed PT) and Sundays (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT). Reserved Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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That means Nick, whose life is on the line, has to compete again, this time against Holly, who makes it clear numerous times that she grew up on a dude ranch. Despite that experience, Nick beats her pretty easily. He’s honed in, seriously focused on saving himself and trying to shake up this game. Because he wins, and Tommy is the only one left, Nick has to immediately compete again, and against an opponent who’s only gone one round. Who designed this game?

Anyways, that advantage apparently doesn’t matter, because Nick is on fire. He beats Tommy, wins the veto power, and saves himself for another week. That means the Six Shooters are scrambling to decide who to put up against Sam. The very discussion of other people on the block sends the Six Shooters into chaos. When Holly floats the idea of putting up Nicole and maybe keeping Sam around for one more week, Christie and Tommy lose their minds, assuming Holly has some sort of deal with Sam.

When word of that gets to Michie, he goes ballistic because he’s an arrogant hothead who needs control of everything. He confronts Christie and Tommy about their issues, but when Holly, his showmance, comes in and says she didn’t want him to bring this out in the open, he storms off like a child and then later chastises her for trying to control him and keep his mouth shut. It’s seriously gross behavior and confirms that Michie is one of the worst people in this house right now. He’s manipulative and bullies people into thinking like him, and it’s frustrating that no one wants to go after him. I can still see the look on Holly’s face when Michie is berating her, the one so many women have worn in an attempt not to make waves despite having every reason to tsunami the hell out of their entitled men.

Nonetheless, Holly has to pick someone to be on the block after Nick takes himself off. After all the drama, hemming, and hawing, she sticks with the plan and uses Kat as a pawn. Kat does her best to sell that she doesn’t have some sort of deal with everyone else — a deal that won’t last, it should be said, but none of these floaters seem to understand that — but I’m not sure anyone is buying it. Sam still knows he’s the target and that he’s really going to have to campaign to stay in the game. Right now though, it’s looking like everything will continue to go exactly as the Six Shooters have planned.

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