The Six Shooters are fully in control of this game.

By Kyle Fowle
July 25, 2019 at 10:35 PM EDT
Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.
S21 E14

Just yesterday, Cliff seemingly undid all the hard work he’d put into targeting the Six Shooters in an attempt to get on their side. Remember, they literally just voted him out last week, but here he is thinking that if he makes a promise to put Bella on the block, everyone is suddenly going to take him to the end. I’m not so sure about that. Sure, the Six Shooters have to turn on each other at some point, but Cliff is still a super easy eviction down the road.

Nick, for his part, knows what’s up. He’s pissed that Cliff, at the very least, didn’t force Christie to use her power so they’d stand a chance next week, even if Bella got evicted. He tells Cliff that they just lost the game, that they’re going to be picked off one by one now. I think he’s right. Cliff didn’t follow through on the shot he took, and it’s going to cost him down the road. Your “word” means nothing if it doesn’t actually get you anywhere. This is a game, and you have to play hard.

It’s funny though because Cliff really does think he can ride coattails to the end. He’s talking to Jack, Michie, and Christie, telling them how he’s a good player to take to the end. No matter what the edit tells us, I don’t buy that any of them are considering it. Michie and Jack are masters at telling people what they want to hear. I thought for a second Cliff had finally realized that when he put them on the block, but apparently he’s still starstruck.

So, with the vote coming up and seemingly in the bag, Bella does her best to campaign. After taking some very sweet time with Nick to talk about how much they’ll miss each other — seriously, they’re super cute — she goes to everyone that can swing the vote hoping to make things a tie so that Cliff can then break that tie and send Jack home.

Unfortunately, that’s not to be. Bella can’t even convince Nicole or Jessica, who are totally on the outs — to the point of barely even getting TV time — to vote for Jack. Instead, it’s an 8-2 vote, and the Six Shooters take even more control over this part of the game. It’s truly devastating to watch Nick cry on Sam’s shoulder; this feels like a true showmance.

But let’s get to Cliff, Jessica, and Nicole for a second. They continue to side with the Six Shooters despite every single one of them being put on the block by those very people! Why? I truly don’t get it. It’s like they have no clue how to work this game offensively, so their whole strategy is just to not get voted out. That can be fine from time to time, but I don’t get the sense that the Six Shooters are going anywhere. They’re going to pick these people off one by one and then fight it out. Look, I personally find Michie and Jack annoying and overbearing, but I also can’t blame them for taking advantage of these players who seem content just voting their way and never thinking very far ahead.

Anyways, with Bella out of the house and the Six Shooters riding high, it’s time for the next H.O.H. competition. It involves hanging on to swinging “vines” while suspended in the air, and the last person standing will be the new H.O.H. But, because this is Big Brother, you have to wait until Sunday to find out who wins (or tune into the live feed after the show, so you may be reading this and already know the winner. Sorry, that’s just not how we do things here, we have to stick to an episodic schedule!). Either Six Shooters really secure their Final Six, or something could maybe change. But with Bella gone and Christie still holding on to her power, change is going to be a lot harder to come by.

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