With Camp Comeback in the past, it's on to the next phase of the game.
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If you’ll remember back to Thursday, Big Brother wrapped up this season’s Camp Comeback twist. In the process, Cliff, who was evicted just minutes earlier, won his way back into the house, dashing all of our hopes that David would get redemption and target Michie. Oh well. At the top of this episode everyone’s cheering and welcoming Cliff back into the house as if most of them hadn’t sneakily voted him out after telling him he was safe. Cliff being back in the house doesn’t immediately shift things, but the eviction vote itself does. Before long, Nick is absolutely blowing up at his alliance, furious that he and Bella were left out of the plans to evict Cliff.

The plan had originally been for Nicole to go, but Gr8ful is so shaky right now that everyone’s seemingly playing a different game while also refusing to see how others are playing. Michie tries to get Nicole on his side by saying that he convinced everyone to save her. Everyone really likes lying to Nicole. Michie, feeling ever so confident for no reason at all because that’s just what he does, decides he can also convince Cliff that he’s still on his side. Thankfully, for the first time this season, someone finally sees through this nonsense. Cliff knows better than to believe Michie now.

Then, Gr8ful really begins to fall apart. Nick is finally catching on, and he’s not letting this vote go. Their argument gets heated, with Nick convinced that he’s going to be nominated for eviction soon. The rest of Gr8ful continues to tell him that everything is fine, and as this alliance is wont to do, they argue and argue and say the same things over and over again until nobody is satisfied. Nick doesn’t see any way to go back from this. Hilariously enough, Jessica is maybe catching on to things too. “It’s like they had a Final Eight!” she says. My God, these people.

So, on to the HoH competition. Unfortunately for Nick, he can’t compete this time around, which means he can’t directly target Gr8ful. The game involves answering questions about a number of Big Brother patches, with players being eliminated after each round. Then, something incredible happens. Cliff wins. He’s the new Head of Household, and he’s holding all the power. For a guy that was just about out of the game for good, this is certainly some good fortune. Nick gives him the necklace, and at that moment Cliff tells him that he’ll keep him safe. Cliff is maybe catching on too! It looks like he’s going after the Six Shooters (I am so sick of these names), trying to figure out who to target so that his game can improve.

Nick is hoping Jack goes home because he sees that he’s controlling a lot of this game, and Bella wants Christie to go home. Both those names are big targets, and if they did go home it would really shake up the game. The Six Shooters seems to know what Cliff’s general plan is, and they’re not working too hard to convince him to change course. They’re mostly just trying to be super fake nice to Cliff and focusing on trying to repair that relationship with Bella and Nick. Michie even concocts this twisty plan to be a pawn for Nick and Bella, then win veto, then use Christie’s Diamond Veto reward, as if all those things happening is somehow easy.

Basically, out of necessity, Cliff finds himself working with Nicole, Kathryn, and Jessica; everyone who’s on the outs. Cliff and Nicole seem to have a good connection, but Nicole isn’t so sure about Jessica and Kathryn. For now though, they have to stick together. Then, and stop me if you’ve heard this before, Michie once again gets super overconfident and pitches Cliff on his plan to be a pawn against Bella, who they’ll knock out of the game, therefore allowing Cliff to get back in the good graces of the Six Shooters. It’s truly ridiculous that Michie thinks this will work. Cliff immediately goes to the diary room and laughs off the pitch. As if Michie’s move isn’t ridiculous enough, Christie then tells Cliff about her Diamond Veto, as if that will change anything. It’s like all the cool kids trying to convince the dork that he should hang out with them just because they’re the cool kids. Now though, Cliff just has a whole lot of important information about his opponents. Seriously, nobody in this game can keep a secret.

The final stretch of this episode is all the Six Shooters trying to schmooze Cliff, and Cliff having none of it. Oh, and Jack and Michie share a pickle that Michie was eating in the bathroom, but let’s not dwell on that. All that matters is that Cliff is done being the nice guy. At the nomination ceremony, he puts both Jack and Michie on the block. What a welcome turn of events, and certainly a bold power move from Cliff. Lots can change in the next little while, with both the Veto comp coming up and Christie’s Diamond Veto still in play, but as of now Gr8ful’s cracks are starting to show, and Cliff is looking to truly open them up.

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