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SPOILER ALERT: Literally everything about Sunday’s Big Brother season 20 episode is below. Consider yourself warned.

With Kaitlyn as our new Head of Household, the Big Brother credo of “expect the unexpected” is certainly ringing true as her reign begins. As both a founding member of Foute and the swing vote that put the first eviction in Level Six’s hands, there are almost as many directions this week could go as there are houseguests left. In the aftermath of the vote flip and HoH, Winston tells Rachel and Brett that Kaitlyn was indeed the week’s hinky vote; complete with a whisper-y clip of the two crossing paths during the eviction vote. Swaggy C and Faysal decamp in the storage room with Tyler trying to figure out the voter’s identity; Tyler tries to throw off the scent by claiming that the App Store power was used, but neither are convinced. Soon after, Winston and Brett walk in to break up the meeting and it’s not long before Winston and Swaggy share some words; the two definitely are at odds. However, when Swaggy tells his alliance about what happens, everyone wants him to drop it and lay low, with Bayleigh especially concerned granted their semi-showmance. “If it doesn’t involve you right now, you need to keep your mouth shut,” she tells the diary room.

After a brief moment of sad Scottie commiserating with Sam (who can apparently fit in most cabinets) now that his friend is gone, we get Swaggy and Faysal finally figuring out that Kaitlyn was the swing vote. The two now wonder who she’ll put up for eviction, with each showing concern that they’re not fully safe despite all three being in the same alliance. We then get a glimpse of a meeting between Kaitlyn and Tyler from the day of the eviction, where he tries to convince her to change her vote from Sam to Steve, saying that the other members of Foute don’t trust her and that if she votes with them instead of Level Six, she’s likely the next to go. Mansplaining has never sounded so laid back. Kaitlyn now feels stuck, with her telling Rockstar, Faysal, and Haleigh that they’re not her targets but that she can’t guarantee anything beyond that; this certainly doesn’t bode well so far for Swaggy and Bayleigh.

Speaking of the twosome, they’re in the hammock having yet another make-out session and before you know it, the L word comes up and “Swaleigh,” the ultimate powerless couple, is born. Foute meet up in the HoH room and while Kaitlyn tells them that Angela and Rachel are her possible targets, she tells a different story in the diary room by saying that even though she wants to keep the friends she’s made in the alliance safe, she’s going to have to follow her own path going forward. After more time watching JC’s back shaving than one really needs to watch, we move onto Tyler telling Sam who voted to keep her safe, hoping to fully pull her into Level Six. He tells Kaitlyn about Sam’s power, which seems to surprise her; only to throw a surprise his way: let’s put up Sam next to Swaggy. Tyler immediately tries to move her off this path only for her next suggestion to be Winston and Angela as nominees, as she wants to avoid getting blood on her hands this week. As they finish their conversation, the plan for the week seems to be to backdoor Swaggy C, but there’s really no way of knowing what Kaitlyn’s true motives are except that she now considers herself a “shady ass bitch.” Racist, you forgot racist.

When Sam meets with Kaitlyn to thank her for keeping her safe, she tells her about her power. Kaitlyn, who already knows about it through Tyler, says she can “intuitively sense” what the power truly is and fills Sam in on her plan to backdoor Swaggy by saying she’s the only one who knows about this. She then goes and tells Winston about the plan and that she wants to put him up as a way to throw people off. Winston decides to put his trust in Kaitlyn and agrees to go with the plan; Kaitlyn repays this by telling Scottie that Winston’s actually her target. She then asks Scottie if he’d be willing to go up as a pawn next to Winston; Scottie, smartly, thinks this is a horrible idea. If this chain of lies hasn’t exhausted you enough, Kaitlyn then goes to Swaggy, who we’re somewhat sure is actually this week’s target, and tells him that Winston and Scottie are going up with Winston going home. “Swaggy, karma is coming for you and I am her messenger so you better watch out!” Kaitlyn, who also declares herself a “crazy, explosive, liability cannonball of a player” (also racist, let’s not forget that), tells the diary room. She also says she deserves a Daytime Emmy, which is fitting because she’s essentially a Passions villain brought to life in 2018.

With Faysal’s last Hamazon delivery (and the montage of mustard-y memories it provides), we move to this week’s BB App Store. Rachel is this week’s least trending houseguest, choosing for herself the “Yell!” power, which provides her with an angry reviewer who will yell feedback on her and her game for the next 24 hours. Couldn’t the producers have just let her look at her Twitter results instead? Tyler, meanwhile, is the week’s top trending houseguest and chooses the “Cloud” app, which gives him the ability to keep himself from going on the block at any time during the next 8 weeks. This comes at the perfect time as his leadership in Level Six will inevitably make him a target in the game.

Scottie tells Swaggy C and Faysal about Kaitlyn’s nomination strategy for the week, namely him going up as a pawn. All three are in agreement of its stupidity and try to convince Kaitlyn to change her plans, but Kaitlyn personally meets with Scottie she sticks to her guns and tells him that he is not her target for the week, not disclosing to him just who her true target is. Ultimately, we come to the nomination ceremony where Kaitlyn and her side-pony sticks to (one of) her plans and nominates Winston and Scottie for eviction. Both are uncertain whether to actually trust Kaitlyn at her word that they’re not her target and who can blame them? She’s been seemingly unable to clearly communicate that to either of them without adding another nugget of doubt in the process. Will the week’s true plan of a Swaggy backdoor come true or will the PoV competition lead to another swerve? That’s for us to find out on Wednesday.

Julie Chen hosts as the houseguests battle it out.
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