The houseguests vote in the first live eviction of the season with Sam's secret power in play and Steve hoping to stay

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July 05, 2018 at 10:33 PM EDT
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SPOILER ALERT: Literally everything about Thursday’s Big Brother season 20 episode is below. Consider yourself warned.

It’s the least wonderful time of the Big Brother year — the first eviction of the season. Will ex-undercover-cop Steve be the first one out the door, or will Sam-bot’s luck run out of battery? With the rival alliances of Level Six and Foute both believing they have the upper hand this week, not to mention the extra-life power Sam could use tonight, it’s really anyone’s guess.

After a surprisingly sassy recap (“Yeah, you heard that right, they call themselves Foute,” the announcer snarkily bellows), our Miss Julie announces that if Sam is evicted and chooses to use her power tonight, she will compete in a live competition to keep her spot in the house. But first, we rejoin the houseguests in the aftermath of the veto meeting. While Sam and Steve wonder how to get the votes needed to keep themselves safe, there is a slight sense of relief on Tyler’s end. He’s working to keep Sam in the game, believing she’s a needed number to keep Level Six in the clear. On the other side, Foute is telling Steve that they have the votes to keep him safe. Steve seems to take his alliance’s words to heart, but trusting Swaggy C is already turning out to be a disaster for Bayleigh, so luck is not on his side.

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“Robot online!” Yep, Sam-bot returns to the house with a strategy of her own: turning up the tech charm, especially on JC, who seems to have stronger boundaries with a robot than he does most human women in the house. Meanwhile, Level Six figures out how to get the votes needed to keep Sam in the game. With the five voting members and JC as locks, they now have to find one more vote, and Brett thinks that one vote could come from Kaitlyn. Faysal seems to be playing both sides when it comes to showmances, as his flirtations with Kaitlyn and Hayleigh are coming to a head. Before long, Faysal and Hayleigh are sharing hopefully non-veggie ham-scented kisses in bed… which Kaitlyn walks into! She soon runs to the HoH room, teary-eyed and feeling jilted by her “two best friends.” Immediately realizing she is the odd one out in Foute, she wonders if keeping Sam in the game is the best for her long-term. With all this falling into Tyler’s hands, this could end up being Level Six’s week.

We then move on to the first eviction vote of the season, complete with kindly generic jury speeches from Steve and Sam. By a vote of seven (JC, Rachel, Kaycee, Angela, Brett, Winston, and swing vote Kaitlyn) to six (Scottie, Swaggy C, Bayleigh. Faysal, Haleigh, and Rockstar), Steve is our first evictee of the season. In his interview with Julie, Steve is put on the spot as to why he hid his past as a cop from the house and instead presented himself as a mechanic… who seemed to know a whole lot about law enforcement. While there’s no way of knowing if being fully honest with the house would have changed anything regarding his outcome, I do wonder how the house would have taken things. Would he have been presented as someone to watch out for, or as more of an ally as he ended up being? Short of a first-boot all-star season (Jodi for the win!), we’ll never find out.

This week’s HoH competition, “Land a Job,” sees the houseguests compete for the top jobs in the miniature tech town of San Brose. Whoever lands their ball in the highest-salaried building in the city becomes the new Head of Household. In the end, Kaitlyn’s third eye (and everyone else’s bad aim) works to her advantage as she becomes the new HoH. This sets an interesting conflict for the week: Though she is technically still part of Foute, her allegiances aren’t fully set in stone after her vote tonight and all the drama with Faysal and Haleigh. Willl Kaitlyn ultimately pave her own path as HoH, or will her chakras guide her back to Foute for keeps? See you all back on Sunday to find out!

Julie Chen hosts as the houseguests battle it out.
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