Wednesday's episode of 'Big Brother' brought a Veto competition and winner — plus strategy heading into the first elimination of season 20

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July 04, 2018 at 10:35 PM EDT
S20 E4
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SPOILER ALERT: Literally everything about Wednesday’s Big Brother season 20 episode is below. Consider yourself warned.

It may be the 4th of July but Big Brother takes a break for no one, so let’s dig in like it’s a lukewarm platter of potato salad: runny, a little sour and ultimately troublesome for your stomach. With only the Power of Veto left to shake up the game, time is running out for Sam and Steve to change up their destinies before the first eviction of the season. Now holding the extra life power courtesy of the BB App Store, Sam decides to throw Tyler some hints about her win, believing him to be someone worth working with. Shortly after, Swaggy C suggests to Tyler that he put up Angela as the replacement nominee should the veto be used, not knowing that she’s a part of Level Six with Tyler. Tyler has other plans, as he tells the diary room that even though Steve is his target, Bayleigh could be the replacement instead.

With the ring of a doorbell, Faysal gets his first (and second, and third, and fourth) Hamazon delivery with all the horror music that cold-cut ham provides. Since he is a Muslim, BB was kind enough to substitute with vegetarian ham (mustard included!); not that that makes consuming any of it easier, as he’s clutching the toilet face first by the end of the segment. Swaggy C informs Bayleigh that Tyler is considering putting her up as the replacement nominee, which leads her to walk away and tear up in the diary room, as shes aware she is not Swaggy’s main priority. Tears for a clown, I suppose. After trying to console her in their makeout bed, he suggests they distance themselves from each other in the game, which only makes Bayleigh more frustrated.

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Trying to move the target away from herself, Bayeligh visits Tyler in the HoH room only to be told that she will likely be the replacement nominee but that she’s not the one going home. When Bayleigh suggests he put Angela up instead, Tyler deflects by insisting she won the week’s power (she didn’t). “Screw you, Tyler!” Bayleigh passionately declares in the diary room. “You’re a liar and your word means absolutely nothing in this house.’ If only she showed more of this fire in the game as opposed to crying over Swaggy C, of all people.

We then move on to picking the three players who will join Tyler, Steve and Sam in the Power of Veto competition; Swaggy C, Scottie and Faysal. This week’s PoV competition, “VimeBro Studios”, sees the six players pass through five different mini-games on their way to the win; the worst performing player in each is out of the game. Each of the games are almost elaborate enough to carry a challenge on their own, from sifting through a snake pit to standing on planks while getting hit by paintballs; all in a quest for the likes needed to win the veto. Ultimately Faysal is the last man standing and wins the veto. “Am I trending now, America?” he gloats in the diary room.

Steve, having picked Faysal to compete, is hopeful that he’ll use the veto to save him. However Faysal is uncertain that Tyler would pick the right replacement (ideally Angela) in that event. Before we can get to his decision, it’s interrupted by another “Hamazon” delivery of gag-worthy veggie ham. Whether it’s the gameplay or the sweet taste of rubbery vam, Faysal decides not to use the power of veto. This leaves Sam (no bot tonight) and Steve as our nominees for tomorrow night’s eviction and us viewers with enough time to hopefully soak in some fireworks before the 4th wraps up. Catch you tomorrow night!

Julie Chen hosts as the houseguests battle it out.
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