A peek at the jury house drama could provide clues as to who will win the $500,000 on finale night

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September 21, 2018 at 05:48 PM EDT
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When we left the Big Brother house this time last night, JC was basking in the glow of his first HoH win of the season, much to the disbelief of his houseguests and much of the viewing audience. But as this is the final eviction episode before the finale, his honeymoon is a short-lived one. Tonight is a very packed episode as we’ve got nominations, veto and a live eviction to look forward to. Whatever the outcome is at the end of the hour, the Level Six triumvirate of Tyler, Angela and Kaycee will be broken up once and for all.

In the aftermath of the HoH competition, the house seems to be in a state of shock. Fresh from his HoH crowning, JC makes it immediately clear in the diary room that he’s gunning for Angela, as he doesn’t like her closeness to Tyler. Meanwhile Kaycee and Tyler are frustrated at losing out on the most crucial HoH of the season; with this, their dreams of an all-Level Six final 3 are over. Certain she’ll be nominated, Angela seems to take the HoH curveball the hardest. “Oh God, I’m going up,” she says in the HoH room as she shares an embrace with Tyler. When the nomination ceremony comes, JC puts Angela and Tyler up on the block. Firmly in the seat of power, JC smugly lays it all on his nominees, telling Angela she never made him feel included during her HoH reign and calling Tyler nominating him as a pawn “a very, very, very bitchy move”. With the veto winner not only securing safety for themselves but also serving as the sole vote to evict tonight, this competition is a true do-or-die. Tyler again is stuck in the middle between his most loyal ally Kaycee and his showmantic interest Angela. “It’s the hardest decision of all time.” he says in the diary room.

But before we can get to the veto competition, we get another much-needed trip to the jury house (or “the Foute house,” as Julie Chen Moonves coins it). Bayleigh, Rockstar and Faysal are startled/annoyed to see Scottie move back into the house after his second eviction. When it’s time to watch his road back to the jury, things get tense very quickly between Faysal and Bayleigh. When Fessy says he’s pissed at how Level Six keeps winning comps, Bayleigh quickly snaps back and tells him, “You made your own bed, so shut up.” The two then compete for Who Made the Dumbest Game Move This Season and we all lose for it. Fessleigh, the showmance that couldn’t shoot straight, are together again as Haleigh is the next to arrive in the jury house. While watching the veto competition that ultimately sealed her fate, the jury catches up on Kaycee’s competitive hot streak. Rockstar makes a good case for how Kaycee’s the one to beat, pointing out her comp beast reputation and her ability to not make any enemies this season. With Level Six now the house majority, Haleigh says there’s a clear hierarchy in the alliance and she sees Brett being at the very bottom.

Speak of the devil, guess who’s the next to join the jury house?  Brett interrupts a jury painting session with a burrowing “What’s up losers?!” Rockstar, his biggest enemy in the house, is clearly not happy to see him. “This guy is a douchebag,” she says. As the jury watches Brett’s backdoor unfold, the glee on their faces is impossible to hide. Haleigh calls the eviction “perfectly orchestrated” and acknowledges Tyler may be running more of the game more she gave him credit for. “The worst part about this is that [Tyler and Angela] actually think they’re the most epic game players ever,” Bayleigh says after seeing their “one step/two step” antics at the veto meeting. In a very quick turnover given she was evicted yesterday, we see Sam arrive in the jury house. In hindsight, she says she wishes she were more selfish in the game and not relied so much on others (*cough*Tyler*cough*). After showing the jury her eviction, Sam reveals that she was surprised by her eviction as she had a final 2 with deal with Tyler. Brett interjects to say that he too had a final two with Tyler, which leaves everyone in the jury wondering where the Level Six mastermind’s loyalties truly stand. “I trusted Tyler throughout this entire game and I don’t think I’ll ever fully trust him ever again,” Sam says after the screening. Though Haleigh ultimately says that she can separate his gameplay from his conduct, it’s not looking too good for Tyler if he makes the finale.

The final veto competition of the season, “Down to the Wires”, is equal parts memory and strategy. The houseguests are given clues about the competitions that have taken place all season; the goal is to land their balls in the thumbs-up section for each competition the question refers to. For every correct section, the game board lights up green; if they are incorrect, they get a buzzer and have to start all over. The last place finisher in each round gets a strike; if you get two strikes, you’re out of the competition. The last person standing at the end of the game wins the final and most important power of veto. In what has almost become like clockwork this last half of the season, Kaycee wins her fifth straight veto and guarantees herself a spot in the final 3. This means one of Tyler and Angela will be going home tonight. Angela tells the diary room that whatever decision Kaycee makes is going to be about her own game and she understands that. “If Angela leaves, that sucks,” a near-tears Tyler says in the diary room. “Kaycee deserves to be in the final 3 and I’m happy. I’m happy. I’m just sad; it just sucks.”

As we move to the live portion of the evening, it’s time for Kaycee to make the biggest decision of the season as she is the sole vote to evict. Her explanation serves as a sort of tribute to Level Six, shouting out their collective dominance in the game and the friendship that’s taken them all the way to the final 4. Ultimately Kaycee votes to evict Angela. In her exit interview with Julie, Angela says she ultimately respects the decision Kaycee had to make and that she has her full support. When the subject turns to her budding relationship with Tyler, Angela says she’s “head over heels obsessed” with him and can’t wait to see where the future takes them. In their goodbye messages, both Kaycee and Tyler cop to having a final 2 deal that they’ve ultimately decided to stick with. Angela acknowledges people make final 2 deals all the time and that her Level Six mates decided to keep this from her doesn’t change any of how she feels about them.

And there you have it; Tyler, Kaycee and JC are our final 3. While Tyler has dominated the game from day one and Kaycee has managed in a short amount of time to be this season’s comp beast, JC’s road to the finale has been through equal parts luck and scamming. All three have comparable pluses and minuses heading into Wednesday’s finale, but it’s really anyone’s guess who walks away with $500,000.  Can’t wait to see how this all turns out…

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