The first alliances of the season could change everything
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SPOILER ALERT: Literally everything about Sunday’s Big Brother season 20 episode is below. Consider yourself warned.

We’re midway through the first week of Big Brother and tonight’s episode seems to deliver on all the promise the first two episodes provided us. We get emotional robots, undercover kisses, the debut of the BB App Store and Swaggy C in full delusion of his status with the audience. It’s a fairly stake-free Sunday episode, but it’s still a fun one as we get more personal time with our 16 houseguests.

In the aftermath of Tyler’s nominations, the HoH “seems” to be taking things harder than even his nominees are, though we later find out these tears are his strategy to disarm the rest of the house and get the heat off him long-term. Meanwhile, Sam-bot decides to hold court in the storage room, beckoning the rest of the house in an effort to secure her safety as well as control her volume levels (must have that Tidal-quality sound). When Kaitlyn enters her efforts at motivation turn confrontational, as she abrasively tells Sam to get it together for the Power of Veto competition. But don’t let the Kid Pix screen fool you, Sam is nobody’s dummy as she spills some tea about Kaitlyn’s flirtmance(“You wouldn’t be able to get into the hot tub with Fessy!” she retorts). When Tyler worries the tiff will put heat on him as well, she manages to give us yet another BB first: digital side-eye. If she manages to survive the week without going home/malfunctioning, Sam is definitely one to watch out for.

After checking in on the friendships burgeoning in the house (Steve & Scottie, who’d have thought?), we catch up with Kaycee as her punishment is starting to get to her. The Pinwheel of Doom has kept the self-described social butterfly from enjoying Rockstar’s birthday, dinners with the rest of house, and even trapped her in the diary room. Fortunately, her alliance with Winston, Tyler, Brett, Angela and Rachel is still going strong and even has a name now. Level Six (shades of El Cuatro?) meets in the HoH room as Tyler spills about Swaggy C, Faysal and Kaitlyn’s efforts to get Winston and Angela nominated. The history of early alliances in the Big Brother house doesn’t bode well for Level Six to get clearance through the game, but Tyler sees the alliance as his opportunity at safety post-HoH.

But as one alliance is secured, another seems to be all over the place as Swaggy C & Bayleigh seem to breakup and makeup in the span of four minutes. Swaggy sees Bayleigh as his distraction from winning $500k, while Bayleigh sees him as a cocky mess and declares him “boycotted”l; though her definition of that word is seemingly different than most as they’re seen later kissing under the covers. Because this is Big Brother, we get a dose of dumb gender politics as Swaggy C immediately jumps out of the bed second-guessing their makeout session. “The girls always win, the guys always go home,” he says in the diary room, forgetting that male winners outnumber the women 13-6.

Big Brother
Big Brother 20 cast
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Sam’s stresses are finally getting to her as her human form re-enters the house. Feeling invisible in the house as herself vs as Sam-bot, she breaks down as she laments about the “fakeness” of the houseguests. As people try to console her, JC gives her some real talk. “You’ve basically won the lottery and you’re focusing on the bad part,” he tells her in an effort to give Sam some perspective. Also giving the house some perspective are the accommodations the Have-Nots (Kaitlyn, Scottie, Brett and Winston) will be partaking in this week; cold showers, fly-infested slop and satellite dishes for beds. Somehow still better than most Red Roof Inns.

Big Brother
Big Brother 20 cast
| Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Swaggy C and Faysal, who see themselves as the power players in the house, try and secure an alliance opportunity with Brett and Winston to get the so-called floaters out first and then the bigger targets later. Winston immediately disengages from the conversations, while Brett pays the two lip service; “Fessy and Swaggy are writing more checks than they’re capable of cashing,” he later says in the diary room. Brett immediately goes to the other members of Level Six with the news, which leads Tyler back to the possibility of putting Bayleigh, Swaggy’s other closest ally, up as a replacement nominee.

Rockstar, Swaggy C, Faysal, Kaityln and Haleigh have formed an alliance of their own, but are having difficulties with the name. After some deliberation, they come up with perhaps the worst alliance name in Big Brother history, which is truly something. Foute, as in “five of us to the end”, or “foute you stay”, or “foute, please go away.”

But before we can dwell too much on the foute catastrophe, we have our first trip to the BB App Store and all the off-brand Apple Store ambience it provides. Faysal is our first “loser” as the week’s least trending houseguest. He wins the “Hamazon” power, which provides frequent ham delivery for immediately consumption; as a Muslim, he doesn’t consume pork so he’s hoping for a substitute. Sam is this week’s most trending houseguest and is genuinely touched by the win. She wins the “bonus life” power, which gives her or a houseguest of her choice a shot at returning to the game if evicted during the first three evictions; if not used by the fourth eviction, that fourth evictee automatically is handed that power.

With this power, Sam serves as essentially the wild card for the next month of Big Brother. Without a true alliance yet, this power gives her the opportunity to blow up the game with just the press of a button. All these shifts and twists and we haven’t even gotten to the Power of Veto yet; too bad we’ll have to wait til Wednesday to see how it all pans out.

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