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September 20, 2017 at 10:22 PM EDT

So with all of that, the final two have an opportunity to give a final speech. In that moment, Paul decides to lean into Josh’s gameplay and launches into what might be the most aggressive finalist speech in my memory. He details his entire game, explaining how he controlled the whole game, but Paul’s approach is exactly what is flawed about his game. It’s all personal at this point. It’s way too complicated and aggressive and sensitive, and that’s what makes an otherwise strong game broken. But when Josh takes to the floor to give his finale speech, he stumbles as well, flustered by his emotions and nerves. Heading into the final vote, it’s a toss-up as to who will win.

We share a moment with the first five people eliminated, which is typically a pretty dull moment that simply cushions the minutes before the vote real, right? Lord, girl, buckle up because this time, it’s a drag session. Julie calls on Jessica to make the big reveal, and she lays into the jury and explains that Paul had all of them fooled, and if they were willing to lose to Paul they should have never shown up to begin with. And then Julie. QUEEN JULIE. Our girl Julie drags the hell out of this cast for bending over backwards for Paul, and it’s pretty incredible. We may have all been frustrated this was such a Paul-heavy season, but it’s nice to see that addressed in the finale.

But much like the rest of 2017, the truth is irrelevant. It’s the votes that matter, unless Paul wins the electorate, in which case, Paul wins. So let’s just talk about votes.

Christmas: Paul
Kevin: Paul
Alex: Josh
Raven: Paul
Jason: Josh
Matt: Paul
Mark: Josh
Elena: Josh
Cody: JOSH

Y’all. Cody decided the season, and it went to Josh, the most unlikely hero, and you know what? In a vote of 5-4, Cody is the hero we deserve. Josh is the secondary hero we deserve. In a season as strange as this one, Josh is the most successful finish we could ever ask for because — let me be a little arrogant and spout some Big Brother philosophy. A bitter jury is part of the Big Brother game. And if you’re not accounting for it, then what game are you playing?

We have a few moments left as Paul contemplates exactly what model of vehicle he’s going to run in front of after this taping is over (that’s the only way he’s going to win $500,000). And if losing weren’t enough, Paul has to watch Cody take America’s Favorite Player, which is absolutely hysterical. So that’s it. God bless this cast for simply  managing to stay alive and not sacrifice themselves mortally for Paul. God bless all of us for staying tuned in every week until the end, but as I’ve said before…over and over…God bless Julie Chen for putting up with all of us. Let’s eavesdrop on the houseguests one last time as the season comes to an end.

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