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What a first week, guys! Big Brother 19 took off like a rocket and knocked out Cameron on the first day. Paul was given the Pendant of Protection, and then Megan called out Jessica for calling Alex a “panda,” which did not happen, and then Megan left the game because of anxiety, only to be replaced by Alex, and then I was exhausted and so were you, and that’s what you missed on Glee. Whoa, sorry, wrong show. Less singing, more abs, same amount of ~drama.~

Fortunately, six people have already found love in the house because that’s how pretty people work. Matt, Elena, Mark, Cinnamon Bun Hair, Lifeless Cody, and Not Racist Jessica have formed an alliance to fight against tiny little Alex, who is arguably the most dangerous person in the house. It struck such a chord for Cody that Jessica noticed that he cleared his throat while nominating her, which, as all psychologists know, means he has emotions. Jessica does not like it.

This Isn’t The Bachelor

And she’s smart not to, because Alex has picked up very quickly on a pitfall that has plagued the first few weeks of the past few seasons: fast showmances that devolve into weeks-long power struggles. It often takes out players who are haphazard, yet interesting: players who should have made it further in the game. It’s the exact situation we’re seeing play out with Alex. But more on that later…

After Paul took the Pendant of Protection, he cursed one other houseguest, and to figure out which one it was, each houseguest has to stick their hand into a fake snake’s mouth, and if the eyes light up blue, they’re cursed.

The curse? Well, it comes down on Ramses. At some point in the next three weeks, he has to put himself up as a special third nominee, and it’s up to him whether he wants to reveal that curse beforehand. So, poor Ramses is simply caught in Paul’s crossfire. Moving forward, though, there’s a POV to be won, and Jillian, Cody, and Alex choose Matt, Raven, and Jason to play with them. So for Alex to remain in the house, it’s all falling to her or Jason to win. As for Jillian? Apparently no one cares. Oh, Jillian.

Power of Veto (With Temptation!)

This veto competition requires houseguests to collect starfish from a pond and stack them, but you can’t collect or stack them without having water in a giant tube. Unfortunately, that tube has a hole in the bottom, and when it runs out, it’s out — so you have to keep that filled on top of collecting and stacking. And the temptation? If you find a gold starfish and collect it, you don’t have to be a Have-Not all summer, but you remove yourself from the competition. Raven quickly grabs the golden starfish. Next up is Matt who strategically decides to clock out at 10 starfish. Jason knocks him out next with 14. That leaves the two nominees and the HOH, and with Alex dominating, Cody gives up. That’s right… Mr. Coldheart is flopping for Alex, and the “babes” of the alliance are like, “I joined this showmance to be protected, bro, what’s happening?” Well, it appears that your man respects game. With 16 starfish, Alex wins the Power of Veto, and the pretty girls aren’t having it.

Gone Jessica

Alex, not realizing that Cody thinks they’re in an alliance, is pissed that Cody threw her the competition because Alex isn’t interested in being taken care of. He hugs Alex and tells her, “I exposed myself,” and she gives him a look as if to say, You exposed… what? But the damage is done, and Dominique and Jessica notice. Cody walks into his own HOH room, and Jessica is losing her mind, announcing, “SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO GO HOME THIS WEEK.” It’s a little too Amy Dunne for week one, but you have to respect a woman who has murder in her eyes when a Power of Veto competition goes awry. With that plan out the window, Paul (but… where did he come from?) ends up in the HOH room and says that maybe Jason or Ramses should go up. The team seems really into it, except for Cody, who kind of makes the decision of who actually goes up. His thoughts? It should be Paul.

And Cody’s not one to be distracted from his endgame. I mean, sure, Cody came across as cold and disconnected and ruthless, but as the game goes on, it almost starts to seem like those could be a few of his redeeming qualities. Proving to be more than a strong pawn, Cody is unfazed when Paul and Jessica confront him separately. The only moment he really opens up is when Jason looks to him for protection, and that’s when Cody comes alive as a player. He says he’ll keep Jason off the block (which, he wasn’t really ever in discussion, but sure) if the rodeo clown will keep the couples and Dominique safe. That leaves Christmas and Paul up for grabs, and it takes away from Cody’s numbers, but Cody sees the light: There’s power in strong, small numbers.

Alex, Unchained

Naturally, Alex takes herself off the block, and Cody has to hop up and name an unprecedented fourth nominee. He leans in, as he’s wont to do in his speeches this week. He says that the person he wants to nominate has sown distrust and suspicion, and then he says, “Paul, take a seat.” But that’s when the Pendant of Protection is unveiled, and Paul looks so pissed that he has to reveal its power. After Paul explains what has happened, Cody goes on to have to name a fifth nominee. For reference, not counting Cameron… Cody has nominated a THIRD of this house this week. The house, still stunned from Cody’s betrayal of Paul, is reeling after he decides to throw Christmas up instead. Paul and Christmas aren’t feeling great about this split, and all of a sudden, the team once in power is all over the place.

Who do you want to see go: Jillian or Christmas? What are your feelings on Cody these days, and does Alex give you chills with her gameplay or what? Hit the comments, and tune in tomorrow to see who hits the road.

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