It's Day 41 of getting the same two people out of the house...

By Justin Kirkland
August 09, 2017 at 09:23 PM EDT
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Love meatballs or hate meatballs, there’s a big one in charge this week.

And despite what that really cute scene in Lady and the Tramp wants us to believe, meatballs are complicated and messy. They’re awkward, easily pushed back and forth, and typically end with two people butting heads…and yes, I just ruined that scene and made it into something it’s definitely not, but what I’m getting at is: When a meatball is in charge, it’s very messy. You want an explanation? I’ve got one for you.

Josh starts the week with the intention of going after Elena. Why? Because she came after him one time. It’s extremely personal and not well thought out, but God love him for thinking it’s a strong game move. But at the nomination ceremony, he turns the focus to Jessica to throw Elena off his gameplay. With no finesse or reasoning, Josh decides that he wants to tell Jessica that she’s actually a pawn, but Jessica is tired, y’all. Like, Miss Hilly levels of tired. And she immediately shuts down Josh, who then says, “When you calm down, we’ll talk,” which is exactly what you don’t say to someone to calm them down.

Seemingly safe for the week, Paul should be sitting comfortably and letting the game play itself out, but Paul is awful at simply existing. He needs to be in charge, so he runs to Christmas and insists she use her ring of redemption this week. Christmas isn’t feeling it; she’s getting spry to Paul’s way, and you know what, thank God because it’s been about six weeks of Paul going full Richard Gere in the Chicago puppet song.

Paul and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Ring of Replacement

When Josh decides to tell Paul about how he’s going to play the week out, Paul insists that Christmas has to use that ring because Jessica needs to go before Elena. The big takeaway here is that Paul doesn’t do well when he’s not in control. For the veto competition, Mark, Elena, Jessica, and Josh are joined by Alex and Cody. Of course, Christmas told Josh that if he wanted her to use the ring, he should blink once really hard at her. And so he does, and you just see all the air get let out of Josh’s balloon.

Paul is ecstatic, and the Big Brother fandom is exhausted because it seems that another week of Big Brother 19 has been decided by the boy no one wants to really claim anymore. It’s too much for Cody, who literally breaks down in tears in Jessica’s arms. That’s not a typo, y’all. CODY. CRIED. IN. JESSICA’S. ARMS. For some reason, these people think that there’s some middle ground between playing this game and being liked. Christmas goes to Jessica to talk with her about the game move, but guys, why? Either play the game or make friends. Jessica isn’t out though…well, not yet.

The OTEV-cist

But this week is OTEV, guys! It’s a Big Brother staple just shy of Zingbot’s legend status. It calls upon your ability to remember past seasons’ events, find answers in a gross area, and then bring those clues back up a crazy slope before your other competitors. This OTEV is country-pig themed, but the pig is possessed? Think Charlotte’s Web meets The Exorcist. Elena is nixed first, but right after, Jessica is gone. Josh follows, and in a showdown between Alex and Mark, it’s the nominee who barely pulls it out.

Alex made it to the top of the ramp first, but she dropped her answer on the way up, allowing Mark to slide in and save himself. Put Mark down in the OTEV hall of fame for using extra time to stockpile numbers like a genius. Listen, Mark had already locked in his place in the Big Brother hall of fame for his butt alone, but this win helps him out.

So, there it is. The week has almost written itself because Mark uses the Veto to pull himself off the block, and he’s replaced by Raven, which is huge for Raven because it’s the most relevant she’s been all season. Cody and Jessica are devastated because no matter where Josh’s head is at these days, Paul has every intention of making sure that Jessica is the one being interviewed by Julie at the end of the week. What do you think? Who do you want out this week, and is there any hope that Jessica could survive this week? Hit the comments, you crazy meatballs, and let us know where your head is at ahead of eviction night.

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