'The most boringest HOH' turns into one ferocious goodbye

By Marc Snetiker
September 02, 2016 at 02:21 AM EDT
S18 E34
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Hot take from Big Meech: Nicole offers “the most boringest HOH” of the season. Hotter take: She’s right — up until the final moments of the eviction, at least!

Granted, from “longtime rival” Michelle’s perspective, the supposed banality stems from Nicole’s tendency to spend her HOH salad days cuddling upstairs in her California king with her California jester. But from the POV of the viewer, Nicole’s reign was, in fact, decidedly without its thrills this week. Instead, it offered that awful phenomenon that only happens in the Big Brother house: Faux flip-flopping that doesn’t amount to any tangible action.

In the wake of Nicole eschewing her veto privilege, Meech, Natalie, and James seem blithely unaware of whether Nicorey is targeting Michelle or Paul. The latter has turned into this season’s most accomplished thespian (without the theatrics of last season’s Vanessa) and pretends he’s just as much in the dark, although he secretly knows Nicole and Corey’s plan to oust Meech.

Or, at least, he assumes it’s still on. Paul takes Nicole’s non-use of the veto as a sign of confidence that she has no intention of taking him or Victor out. But still, the way Nicole and Corey are sneaking around makes Paul just slightly suspect the lines may be drawn in pencil instead of in Sharpie.

As if Nicole and Corey were interesting enough to change the game that much, though. The blood bond is only tied when Corey makes an offering with his #BBBribe. Taking what could have been the one exciting wrench of the week and making it wildly trivial, Corey offers Victor $5,000 in exchange for voting Michelle out…a.k.a., exactly what he was supposed to do. (Still, seeing the look of unbridled glee on Vic’s face makes the pointlessness worth it, and I suppose it was perfectly nice of Corey to make use of it instead of squander it away. You just know someone like Paulie would have let it go to waste than be charitable.)

The bribe solidifies the final-four alliance, and heading into eviction, it’s all but decided Corey will vote with Victor to tie up the block and make Nicole break the tie. Perhaps that’s the most exciting part of the week: The actual revelation, finally, that the tide has turned in the house.

Meech maybe knows what’s about to happen. In a season already low in articulation, Meech’s speech is laced with weird threats, a slightly awkward announcement of her intention to go after Victor, and a hazard warning of uncontrollable bawling. When the tie is announced and the cards are revealed, Nicole quickly, “strategically” votes out Michelle — and Meech, thankfully for the sake of entertainment, explodes.

She launches after Victor and Paul, then moves her classic crosshairs to Nicole. “If you know what’s good for you, get her out, as soon as you can, because she is just floating her way to final two,” she screams. Then she grabs the inflatable duck named Pablo, bolts out the door, tosses Pablo to his death, and lays into Julie about her love of the game and her sadness at never getting a ticket to sit in the audience.

Now we’re left with three couples, dozens of eggs, and one winner who basically gets the plum spot of deciding the entire rest of the game.

Julie Chen hosts as the houseguests battle it out.
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