A county fair-themed clip show gives us a look back at this summer

By Dylan Kickham
August 20, 2016 at 03:51 AM EDT
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S18 E28
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Paulie’s finally out of the house, and that can only mean one thing: It’s time to celebrate! For this special episode of Big Brother, the houseguests get to spend the day enjoying a county fair in the back yard, and delivering forced “remember when” lines so that production can air a season 18 clip show. Yep, the bulk of this episode is just flashbacks, but there are a few prize comps and the start of this week’s HOH competition.

Before the fair gets going, the houseguests are treated to a song by Ziggy Marley, which really seems to excite Natalie. They bob along contently for a while, and then it’s time to roll the clip show of evicted houseguests. Nicole, who already seems a little tipsy after proposing a cheers among her fellow beer-bearing contestants (“Cheers to… freakin’, this is just awesome guys”), kicks off the first round of montages.

A quick look back at the notable evictees:

  • Of course, Jozea is up first, whose antics were once incredibly aggravating but now are really just a bucket of laughs. In case anyone forgot (nobody forgot), we’re reminded about the times he referred to himself as the Messiah, a hawk, and Obama.
  • Next is a never-aired lap dance that Paulie gave Zakiyah for her birthday, back in a time when Paulie was actually seen as at least somewhat charming. It’s too soon for this, Big Brother
  • Finally, we get to relive the tension that was Frank, Tiffany, and Da’Vonne’s weeks of mutually assured destruction. So fun!

Snap back to the present, where the houseguests are given the opportunity to win various amounts of cash (up to $5,000) by throwing darts at a balloon wall. Nicole confesses that she wishes she was sober, but still ends up with the highest amount with $750. Natalie has the that-is-so-perfectly-Natalie strategy to only aim for the pink balloons, which sadly only earns her 25 cents. James also walks away with only a quarter, so it’s still not clear who the breadwinner in that relationship will be.

Speaking of James and Natalie, they both can’t wait to try out the kissing booth at the fair. They share an adorable smooch before Natalie introduces a montage of the season’s showmances.

The showmance montage:

  • Everyone’s favorite couple of the season is up first: We get to relive all of the Jatalie adorableness as they dance around the house, make jokes, and giggle endlessly.
  • Then it’s a swift nosedive as we focus on Nicorey (who won’t even kiss at the kissing booth during this episode). The montage is mostly just Nicole talking about how hot Corey is. Yawn.
  • But at least that’s better than Zaulie, which we are subjected to for a very long time for some terrible reason. Their montage is mainly bizarre, monotone half-flirting filled with DRs about how Zakiyah is constantly annoyed with Paulie. Wow, what a great couple!

UP NEXT: Finally, some stuff that affects the actual game…

Then, it’s time for the next game. Former Big Brother contestant Mr. Pec-Tacular, who is now becoming a show mascot on par with Zingbot and Otev, introduces a dunk tank contest where the winner will receive a TV, tablet, and smartphone. Seems perfect for baseball star Corey, right? Wrong. He only manages to hit the target once, although to be fair, that is more than anyone else in the house aside from Victor, who takes the prize.

Before getting to the challenges that actually affect the game, production has one more clip show for us, full of random silly moments from the season thus far.

The random montage:

  • Natalie, Michelle, and Nicole discuss “boob wrinkles” much to Paulie’s delight. Okay…
  • Michelle pulls a prank on resident prank-master James, jumping out and scaring him. Cool…
  • Victor aggressively confronts James early on in the game (before he is first sent home) about his pranks after waking up in a bed full of crackers. Yikes!

Finally we can get back to the actual competition. The contestants have to smash their faces into different pies to discover who will be a Have-Not for the week, and who will get an advantage in the upcoming HOH comp. Victor, Michelle, and James wind up as Have-Nots, but Michelle also gets the advantage.

The festivities of the fair are replaced by a gigantic black box, in which the HOH comp will take place. Basically, the contestants will get 10 chances to search through the dark for rings, and whoever finds the most will win. Michelle’s advantage gives her 11 chances to search. As the challenge begins, it’s clear that it’s pretty much everyone versus Nicole and Corey, who are on the outs with the house after having been close with the unpopular Paulie.

At this point, we seem to be in a battle of the showmances: Jatalie, Nicorey, and… whatever we’re calling Paul and Victor (Pictor? Vicaul?) seem like they’ve formed unbreakable bonds with one another, leaving only Big Meech on her own. But with a jury member returning to the game soon, that might change.

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