After narrowly escaping eviction, one houseguest's need for stability turns the entire house upside down
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If you’re still looking for an appearance by Valerie Bertinelli and Della Reese, you’re not alone. Last Thursday was essentially an episode of Touched by an Angel, with Tiffany staying safe over Bronte, Frank and Bridgette being protected by this stupid team rule, and Da’Vonne gaining more and more power in the house. But after Thursday’s blindside, the episode was over, and we’re now stuck with the consequences. What is exciting, though, is it seems like the house is starting to get itself together and, you know…start playing the game.

In the aftermath of last week, Bridgette and Natalie are just shocked, which is hilarious since Bridgette was HOH when Bronte went home. But no one’s surprise is more volatile than Frank’s, who takes off his shirt so he can think better. He’s greeted by Tiffany, still reeling from her newfound safety, who lets him know the reason this happened to Bronte is because he was going after Tiff. Frank says it’s her fault because she was coming after him. That leads to a confrontation between Da’Vonne and Frank, who lose their collective minds on each other. But this time, in trying to learn from last year, Da’Vonne walks away.

The damage is pretty much already done, though, because Tiffany is super pissed about Da’Vonne talking to Frank, and Frank is upset because someone wasn’t nice to him. That’s when Da’Vonne jumps into damage-control mode and tells Frank they’re BFFs, FOR REAL, even if he did slap her butt. But her social game is a bit shoddy, which is hard for me to say because y’all KNOW I love Da’Vonne. She won’t tell Frank who flipped on him. It’s sketchy, at best.

Anyway, that was last week’s drama, and this week’s drama rests on the shoulders of Power Pec Paulie, who has been wearing fewer and fewer shirts this season to greater and greater fanfare. If you weren’t able to focus because of the visuals, Paulie’s big plan is to take Tiffany out for good. Da’Vonne is all about the plan because Tiffany’s full-on bonkers, but as James, Da’Vonne, Nicole, Zakiyah, and Paulie are discussing the plan, crazy lady herself crashes the party.

She seems relatively fine, but this is Diet Vanessa we’re talking about, so naturally she cries forever in the Have Not Room because that’s how life shakes out sometimes. Anyway, Tiffany goes on to say everyone hates her and no one cares about her, which leads to her confiding in Frank. That doesn’t seem like a good idea, but I mean, she’s not doing so hot doing what she’s doing now. After exchanging some info, she tells Frank she’s making a deal with the devil. Frank says, “I’m not the devil,” which definitely seems like something the devil would say, but I’m just spitballing here. Anyway, they’re interrupted by Da’Vonne mid-conversation. It seems like this week’s battle lines have been drawn, y’all.

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Nicole joins Tiffany to be kind and chatty, but Tiffany shuts her down. That’s when Da’Vonne swings in and gets to the point, telling Tiffany she wants to talk to her in 10 minutes. Boom.

Ten minutes later, Da’Vonne and Tiffany have a conversation almost entirely comprised of repeating each other. Eventually, Tiffany says she’s never been watched after, and she’s just an emotional person who plays the game well. She basically makes herself akin to a leper, so Da’Vonne holds her in her arms and says they can take a break from the game. However, if anything’s clear, it’s that Da may be in over her head. And Tiffany? Tiffany is twice as emotional and half as skilled as her sister.

NEXT: Nothing stinks worse than a nomination

After that big conversation, Tiffany thinks she’s squared herself away with Da’Vonne, which is kind of hilarious. Tiffany is just one big hot potato. But that leads us into Nomination Station, where conductor Paulie has regrettably put on a sweatshirt before announcing that he’s nominated Tiffany and Natalie. James consoles Natalie as Tiffany floats on an old door among a sea of her own tears. Instead of continuing to cry, though, she focuses on Roadkill, with every intention of nominating one of Paulie’s allies.

Tiffany, completely misunderstanding how the game works, goes and tells Frank even more information. But the BB Roadkill RV quickly interrupts her breakdown. Paulie wanders in first, finding a super-stinky RV. This week, the game is all about hanging air fresheners on color-coded poles. It’s apparently harder than it seems, and on top of it, the whole place supposedly smells atrocious. But the smell means nothing to Tiffany, because her week already stinks enough. And that’s how she wins this week’s Roadkill competition — motivated by the absolute and utter feeling that she didn’t have the opportunity to lose.

However, the real winner is Frank, who seemingly makes the decision for any competition winner not in the majority. It just so happens Tiffany’s targets are also his — two birds, one stone. The Showmance Alliance jumps together in a panic to try and figure out who won. At the same time, Tiffany approaches Da’Vonne in the shower (?!), where she smiles and winks to let Da’Vonne know about her victory (?!?!). Da’Vonne admits she should essentially just shut up and lay low. The plan instead of Da’Vonne going home? Nominate Corey with the possibility of a Nicole backdoor.

As the houseguests gather for the third nomination, Corey’s face emerges as the unlucky nod. He smiles, but I don’t think he’s being coy. I just don’t think he gets it. It’s kind of like when he goes into the Diary Room and stammers through the comments that have clearly been written for him. Tiffany is very proud of herself, but Paulie isn’t worried at all because in his world, Tiff is definitely going home.

So what’re your thoughts? Is Tiffany going to cry herself out the door, or does the Showmance’s dumbest alliance member end up accidentally walking out himself? Wipe away your tears, hit the comments, and we’ll see you on Wednesday!

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