Shelli continues to plot Da'Vonne's eviction, but she may make a few more enemies along the way.
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Shelli is laser-focused on one goal throughout tonight’s episode—well, that is, unless Clay’s naked torso is in the room. She wants to make sure Da’Vonne is the one sent packing tomorrow night. A number of people complicate that for the Head of Household, but thanks to a healthy dose of lies, mistrust, and Audrey failing to manipulate anyone yet again, Shelli is well on her way to ensuring all goes as planned.

The road there is a bumpy one, though. Da’Vonne returns from the Battle of the Block determined to fight for her life, with Jason and James playing the role of her supportive Greek choir.

So it’s more important than ever for both sides to have players on their side in the Veto competition. Da’Vonne receives yet another blow when practically every Veto player helps Shelli’s cause or simply isn’t a huge boon to Da’Vonne’s game. Shelli picks Clay, the Hercules to Shelli’s princess according to Jason (who has a name, Meg would appreciate you remembering.), John chooses Meg (the Meg in the house, not Meg from Hercules. I may have just complicated things.), and Da’Vonne picks Steve.

Their task at hand, dubbed “High Maintenance,” is simple—two houseguests compete head-to-head over several rounds. Each round, a contestant challenges another houseguest. They’re then told a list of items by this week’s BB Takeover celebrity-of-the-week, Kathy Griffin, which will all, except for one, appear inside of an elevator. When the elevator doors open, the contestants will then have to rush into their respective dressing rooms, pick up the missing item, and return it to their platform first. Pick the wrong one, and your opponent wins by default.

Steve has no interest in winning for fear of being pegged too strong a competitor. Meg doesn’t want to win because she’s just having too much fun without any decision-making pressure. And Clay would probably get himself evicted if it meant helping Shelli.

Da’Vonne says her only hope, if she can’t win, is for John to take himself off the block so that someone like Audrey will go up in his place. Naturally, as the BB gods would deem it so, John chooses to compete against Da’Vonne in round 1. John wins, knocking out Da’Vonne’s chances for saving herself.

Steve challenges Clay next, and boy did Steve pick the right competitor if he’s looking to throw the competition. Clay is so determined to win he bulldozes into the dressing room, leaps over the couch and retrieves… a rubber duck to win in the name of Shelli. He’s so proud of his victory, it makes him nostalgic for his first-ever interception at Texas A&M, where, in case you forgot, Clay played football. Hopping over a couch on a reality TV show just doesn’t sound quite as difficult as going up against an offensive line on a football field, though, does it?

Meg and Shelli compete next. And so the BB gods intervene yet again, this time on behalf of Da’Vonne. Meg wants to throw the competition, assuming Shelli will clinch the win. She’s an interior decorator after all, Meg muses. She must remember all the details of a scene, right?

NEXT: A POV winner is crowned and Shelli scrambles for another plan.

Well, Shelli actually picks the wrong item and kicks herself out of the game. John calls Meg back up for the next round, wins handily, and John, though incredulous at every line coming out of Kathy Griffin’s mouth, then goes on to beat Clay and secure the POV.

John’s safety secured, presumably Shelli can put up a lovable replacement to ensure Da’Vonne goes home. But that idea doesn’t come so easily to her, Instead, she and Clay attempt to convince John to NOT use the POV on himself, risking eviction because he’s “well liked.” If a contestant was never voted out because they were so well liked, Big Brother seasons would have become unsurprising bores long ago. So they’ll have to figure something else out.

Shelli considers Liz as the sacrificial pawn, even going so far to tell the secret twin that she’s under consideration for replacement. Liz doesn’t take the news well, of course, and Austin, aiming to protect one of the few people in the house he trusts, concocts a lie to shift Shelli’s attention to another pawn.

Using Vanessa (who makes a rare double appearance this episode, both warning Shelli that John won’t leave himself on the block, and in this joint lie with Austin), the Wrestler Formerly Known as Judas actually sways Shelli’s decision. Meg, James, Jeff, and Jason were having an early morning laughing session that even the hyenas from The Lion King would consider rude. Austin, annoyed by the 5 a.m. wake-up, spins this meeting into a full-blown lie that the group was being rallied to support Da’Vonne in the next eviction only to then go after Shelli next.

She takes the bait, and rather than putting up Liz, replaces John with Meg during the Veto ceremony. Hearing her name mentioned in the group, Shelli believed Meg’s nomination would force the houseguests to vote to keep her rather than Da’Vonne.

Whether that plan actually works will have to wait until tomorrow (when I’ll be filling in for Darren Franich).


  • Part of Shelli’s plan to evict Da’Vonne involves going against what she told Becky about the agreed upon plan to backdoor Audrey. And poor, poor, naive Becky. The show toys with her Diary Room sessions. Practically every time Shelli informs us of her real motivations as Head of Household, Big Brother would cut to Becky’s own DR interviews, where her plucky spirit could not be squashed. You was so assured that Audrey would be nominated that when Shelli reveals to her what her actual plan is, I was shocked Becky didn’t react with more anger. She’s either great at keeping a happy face on, or suppressing all of her rage until it spills out during a house meeting that no one wants to be in attendance for.
  • Austin’s lie worked surprisingly well on Shelli, and it’s a bit sad that the actual conversation was so innocuous. Meg was just commiserating (as far as we were shown) about not having any boys in her life… as three guys crowded her bed.
  • Audrey continues to dig herself a hole this week. Initially worried that everyone is talking game without her, she sends most of the episode in solitude, until she tries to convince Clay that she has reason to be concerned. But her attempts to find out whether she’s a target in the house only infuriates Clay further, after he earlier explicitly told her she was. Not. The. Target.
  • We’re up to twin switch #6 by now, and so far no one has been shown to be overly suspicious. For those following along, I don’t watch the feeds, so there may very well be some who have caught on in the house. On the edited episodes, though, it looks like the twist remains intact. For now.

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