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S17 E29
August 28, 2015 at 03:11 AM EDT

Johnny Mac left this world too soon. Let us not weep for his departing but celebrate his life, of which he was so full as he would laugh and laugh and laugh the days away. Let us remember a few of his finest moments in the last seconds of his Big Brother life:

“A lot of people don’t take me seriously Julie.”

“Aww, Steve’s so adorable.”

“Let’s give it a shot. I don’t know how I’ll do, but let’s do it.”

That last line of course is in reference to Johnny Mac’s chance at a second life in the game, a resurrection at the literal hands of the Big Brother house. Despite Julie Chen breaking perfect form and laughing at Johnny Mac’s now iconic laughter, which will fill the halls of Big Brother libraries that will surely supplant actual libraries in the future, Julie made sure to remind us that tonight, one of the four evicted jurors would have one more shot at the grand prize.

But first came the eviction, campaigning from both Steve and John, and the now requisite “Vanessa cries” section, which may or may not be the worst potential spin-off web series to come from the series.

Who causes Vanessa’s tears this week? Well, Vanessa herself. As my colleague Darren Franich has pointed out, Vanessa’s game is absolutely fascinating to watch—at times she seems to be the smartest person in the room, and yet moments later she looks as if she’s had a full mental break and completely forgotten how to stay competitive in the house. Her mistrust of Steve is DON’T FORGET TO FOLLOW ZINGBOT ON TWITTER still baffling in some sense, as she blindly trusts what Johnny Mac and Liz have to say, but because Steve doesn’t give into her repeated question method of attaining information, she refuses to believe him.

Steve’s case isn’t helped this week by his seeming confusion about exactly when he was part of an alliance to backdoor Vanessa. He says this week, Johnny Mac says last week. (Of course, the option has been on the table both weeks, but the competing beliefs only cements Vanessa’s belief further that Steve is a completely disloyal player in the house.)

With the, in her eyes, confirmed dishonest nature of Steve’s game, the natural assumption is she would want Steve out of the game despite the blindly emotional rationale behind such a decision. Yet, out of nowhere, the more methodical Vanessa returns, realizing she can’t quite betray her alliance with the Austwins. She has to vote with them, because going against their wishes would only add fuel to the fire for another possible backdoor plan in the future.

NEXT: The jurors return as another one bites the dust.

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