Audrey ditched her blanket for the eviction.

By Lincee Ray
Updated July 24, 2015 at 03:41 AM EDT
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S17 E14

The Chenbot set a somber tone in the opening moments of Thursday’s Big Brother. After Audrey skipped the veto ceremony, it was unclear if she would be joining Johnny Mac in the eviction hot seat (or so the edit made us believe). This is a Big Brother first—we are told many times—and it had the entire house on high alert. Apparently Audrey’s behavior almost broke Twitter last night, too. #BB17rulz

When last we saw Audrey, she had taken to her bed (read: dentist chair) after confronting Ken in front of Barbie. Hello target? Meet Audrey’s back! The writing was on the wall, so Audrey decided to power nap the last 12 hours of her time in the house. At one point, she migrates from the dentist chair, wandering the halls dressed as the unabomber. Her only hope for sanctuary is the diary room. She holes up for a good five hours. Everyone agrees that this is bizarre behavior.

After 15 minutes of reality show drama, Julie announces that Audrey ended up staying in the house. Crisis averted! The camera pans to a well-coiffed, fully dressed contestant with a big smile on her face. She even laughs when the Whackstreet Boys perform live as Julie chastises the group for missing the first eight count. THIS IS A LIVE SHOW, PEOPLE! After watching the routine, my hope is that Gloria Estefan’s lyrics are true—one of these days, the rhythm is going to get them.

Audrey scored a sweet “going away” montage before she was evicted. Her super supportive family has been cheering her on from the beginning. But it was her friend Dalton who knew that Audrey couldn’t win the game by being a “party of one.” Especially if she received a penalty vote for eating something other than slop when she was a have-not. Don’t feel bad, James. You’re “I’m sorry you’re on the block and everyone hates you” omelet looked delicious!

Audrey confidently addresses her fellow house guests, praising them for embracing her on the first day. Johnny Mac apologizes for what happened on the tour bus. Then he invites people to keep him around. I love this guy. Let’s keep the band together. Whackstreet’s back, alright!

Everyone in the house votes to evict Audrey. Well, everyone except for Judaustin. Could he be using his vote to rock the boat next week? You know how he loves to stir trouble with after-voting speculation drama. Did he vote for Johnny Mac for game play? Or is he being a jack wagon because he personally wants his bad boy alter ego to be a thing? Time will tell.

Julie gives Audrey the non-surprising news that she has been evicted. Audrey marches through the door (only hugging Vanessa on the way out), tosses her bag behind a chair, and sits down to discuss how the house is an emotional incubator. Did she plant seeds of doubt? Yes! But she was genuine. It’s just like when she feigned interest watching Shelli’s tearful good-bye and James’ “suck it” video.

So long Audrey! We have to move on to the HOH competition. It’s super easy. All you have to do is listen to some pop songs and then match the lyrics with one of the previous HOH, BOB, or veto comps from weeks before, making sure to buzz in the correct answer before the person standing next to you. Clear as mud. Fortunately for Jackie and Vanessa, they manage to master the game, each earning two comfy beds in the HOH throne room. The camera cuts to Julie interviewing fan favorite Britney Haynes before we get a chance to see everyone ask each other, “What’s that brunette girl’s name again?”

Hey Jackie, it’s time to use this power to your advantage. I bet one of your new 11 best friends will let you borrow a well-worn hoodie, colorful beanie, or dorky top hat if you need one.

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