Devin's crazy train finally comes to an end as two new HOHs are crowned and the second houseguest is evicted.

S16 E8

The second veto ceremony of Big Brother season 16 quickly turned to utter chaos Wednesday night when Devin betrayed his alliance member Zach and put him up against Paola for eviction, causing all of the excitement to be continued into Thursday’s episode. But now that Brittany talked her way off the block, she wants to say something really fast to everyone about how she knows Pao threw the Battle of the Block competition (…because Devin told her).

But wait—now Pao is saying she didn’t throw the competition. Remember when she said the complete opposite thing earlier this week? She definitely got the “Stop Telling the Truth” memo. After Pao had a little attack against Devin, it was Zach’s turn to take the floor and voice his feelings about the situation, aka another attack against Devin. The way he chose to do that however probably wasn’t the best idea as he kind of threw his boyfriend Frankie under the bus, which began the inevitable #zankiefallout. Zach’s argument was that his only target left in the game was Devin and if he were to be kept around, he should be the only one worried.

The Bomb Squad, though very unstable at this point, still technically exists and Devin needs to find someone to replace Zach. He decides Hayden would be a valuable tool and continues to play one of the weirdest early games in Big Brother history by pretty much just telling him everything about the alliance that had already existed, including the fact that Hayden’s actual alliance member Christine is secretly a double agent too. Devin doesn’t as much offer Hayden a spot as he does force it down his throat. But Hayden “accepts” the offer, only to make it his goal to blow up the Bomb Squad instead of repairing it. Doesn’t seem like that will be a problem at this point.

It was time for Zach to go on damage control and follow up on his tirade against Devin at the veto ceremony and actually stick around long enough to be the threat he has become so good at telling himself he could be. And he really could, as Zach seems to be the only one in the alliance who has actually had the guts to call Devin out on his insanity and unstableness. Zach is quickly able to get Derrick back on his side and he convinces the rest of Team America, Donny and Frankie, and later Caleb the same thing. Frankie seems more excited to tell Devin that his plan to get rid of Zach isn’t going to work than he is to potentially reform #zankie and one of the greatest love stories so far this summer. This may or may not be remembered as the official moment that the Bomb Squad exploded, if it hadn’t already, as this news made Devin declare that he was “out” and would only be playing a solo game from here on out. Sounds like that will be the most stable partner for him.

By this point, it seemed Pao’s luck was running out. In their not-so-brief last minute plea for survival, Pao said she already felt like a winner and that everyone in the house (including Devin’s five personalities) were special while Zach reiterated that his target was still only Devin. So it wasn’t really a surprise when Paola was the second houseguest eliminated with a vote of 10-2. Julie confronted Paola on the fact that she did flip-flop her story about throwing the competition, and she basically just admitted that she was outplayed and caught in a little mess of lies that cost her the game. But her hate for Devin is still strong.

An underwater-themed croquet game of luck resulted in Nicole and Derrick named as the two new Heads of Households for the week. With Derrick already making a lot of power plays behind the scenes, it will be interesting to see what he does now with the spotlight shining directly on his strategy. And let’s see how many times Nicole freaks out in happiness in the storage room about it all.

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